UP Board Class 10th Social Science Last 5 Years’ Question Papers

This is the time when students should not focus on the complete syllabus but do a good revision of what they have studied. UP Board section of jagranjosh.com provides you the right path and correct guidance which can boost your confidence and preparation level.

Created On: Mar 3, 2016 16:30 IST

Most 10th students will agree that Social Science is one of the most boring subjects that they ever had to face. Preparing for this subject becomes boring because of long theoretical chapters and uninteresting topics.

UP Board section of jagranjosh.com provides you the right path and correct guidance which can turn Social Science subject preparation into a fun and more productive affair.

Practicing last years’ questions which have the maximum possibilities to be asked in the question paper is the basic strategy that each and every student should opt while preparing for the board exams.  

Below is the list of Last 5 Years’ Social Science Question Papers which will definitely help the students in their Board exams. 

Last 5 Years Unsolved Social Science Question Paper



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 Social Science


Set I


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Set I