UPSC IAS Prelims Exam 2016 General Studies Model Test Paper I

IAS Prelims Exam 2016 General Studies Model Test Paper is a unique Sample Question Paper for IAS Prelims Exam which comes with the explanation of each and every questions covering various dimension of the topic asked in the questions. All the questions are precisely framed as per the UPSC standards and pattern to gave the IAS aspirants a real feel and look of the IAS Prelims Exam Question Paper.

Created On: Jun 9, 2016 18:48 IST

IAS Prelims Exam is all about the practice of the IAS Prelims Exam like questions and conditions. The Jagranjosh’s IAS Prelims Exam 2016 General Studies Model Test Paper I eBook is the unique and only of its kind Model Test Paper where each and every question is meticulously designed in conformity to the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam Pattern. Moreover each and every question has the explanation covering Socio-Economic dimensions of the Topic.

Current Events of National and International Importance are also incorporated in this Model Test paper and the explanation is provided to fully explain the Topic with the Basic Concept and their interaction with the other related entities. This meticulously designed eBook is aligned with the needs of the candidate’s requirement and the perception required for the IAS Prelims Preparation.

The questions are taken from each and every section of the IAS Prelims Syllabus and keeping their proportion in the Model Test paper in consonance with the Previous Year IAS Prelims Questions Paper. The aspirants must read the explanation given with each and every question which will help them to clear their doubts related to concepts and can get the real meaning hidden behind the complex texts of the government policies and declarations.

The IAS Prelims exam has a very huge syllabus and it is very difficult to cover all the aspects of the given topics in the stipulated time. Moreover the syllabus is not explained comprehensively in the IAS Notification, which needs to be explored in its entirety in order to qualify the Civil Services (IAS) Prelims Exam.

The IAS Prelims Exam tests the belief and confidence of the aspirants. It is the test of the study material they purchase and study for the exam. UPSC check the conceptual clarity associated with the fundamental issues and the understanding of the aspirant to interrelate the issues with socio-economic and legal fabric of the society.

The questions are taken from the most probable areas of the current events of national and International importance having direct and indirect relation with the fundamental issues of the Indian Society. The explanations provided are the most updated and authenticated subject matter from the most valuable sources.

In the recent IAS Prelims General Studies Paper I, the contribution of Current Affairs has been on rise though indirectly and most of the questions have been asked from the background of the National and International Events. The proportion of traditional section is increasing but with a new veil. The questions from the traditional sections is now oriented in multi-disciplinary direction and can be solved only when the Candidates study in a composite manner. The Questions asked in the previous year exams are more analytical in its orientation. The Questions in this model test paper is taken from all the sections of Syllabus and with the utmost care that the standard and the pattern align with the IAS Prelims Question Paper.

The IAS Prelims General Studies Model Test Paper consists of 100 questions based on the latest trend and pattern of the IAS Prelims Exam. The explanations are taken from the most authenticated standard books and research papers which have the high probability to be asked in the IAS Prelims Exam 2016. This Model Test Paper is designed in view of incorporating such type of questions for IAS Prelims Exam General Studies Paper I.

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