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In the 21st century the individual and society, self and society relationship has undergone a great deal of change. It has become more multi-layered and therefore it is necessary to broaden the live human communication

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MIT School of Drama
MIT School of Drama

In the 21st century the individual and society, self and society relationship has undergone a great deal of change. It has become more multi-layered and therefore it is necessary to broaden the live human communication. The machines, the gadgets and the technologies with more dimensions have emerged, therefore it is a challenging task to study Theatre-Drama and Performance as the most important creative act as an art.

We have to understand-realise and reflect the changes which are taking place within human beingsby studying Theatre-Drama to express and contribute creatively to the wider aspects and fields of human lives. Thus the new culture and rapid changing life should be brought in to the equilibrium of expression. Thus to contribute and enrich human society with meaningful and harmonious society with self-development and development of the society.

Theatre-Drama, touches various aspects of life with multiple facets of human expressions. From simple experiences of everyday life towards the larger, broader and deeper realisations of basic human communications with new philosophy of feelings and concerns.

Through the proper disciplinededucation of Theatre-Drama with creative expressions learning at the university level can make the crucial change in realising self-energy as a collaborative and sharing value of art in the body and minds of young person’s taking this course.

A proper degree will connect various aspects of Acting, Scenography (Architecture and Space), Visual and other arts,Literature, other Performing arts (Music, Dance & folk performing arts) with reference cultural and social history will make the course fulfilling. It will enlighten the minds. This will develop and evolve new bond of relationship with past and present. It will also open the new pathways of human creative expressions of future Theatrical Arts.

With the higher level of Skills and Disciplinedtraining towards better performance with the broader educational and academic interconnectivity in the light of new cultural contexts. Evolution of creativity towards new Theatrical forms and Expressions will be and interesting and enthusiastic journey during the course. Thus individual actors-practicing professional performers with creative minds and bodies can explore the world more openly and freely. Self-realisation and enrichment.

The course should offer more firm and strong skill based foundations to the expanding horizons of future performing world. Indian classical folk and other Performing Arts along with world Theatre, Drama and Performance understanding.

Skilled bodies and sensitive minds prepared to take the challenges so that creative energy- expressions in such various areas as Theatre and Self-development, Theatre therapy, Theatre and human relationships, Theatre-Drama and performance in other field of life, Theatre blended with other forms of arts, Theatre and coexistence with nature and society, Theatre psychology emotions and behaviour, Theatre connected to challenges of disabilities, Theatre health and communication, Theatre and yoga, Theatre and sports, Theatre as philosophy of being to Enact to Expand the horizons of Universe.

Thus MIT ADT University will be University of Theatre, Drama, Performance, and Expressions. The Programs offered to promote creative thinking, encourage independent thought, initiative, innovation, problem solving and the development of wholesome personality as the students can earn elective credits from fellow institutes such as VishwashantiSangeet Kala Academy, Institute of Design and School of Fine Arts, in the field of Music, Dance, Creative designs and Fine Arts and allied programs. The curriculum is delivered in Gurukul pattern (mentor and student) with a rich balance of cultural heritage of India and awareness of contemporary sensibilities of the young creative minds.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this Notification is solely by MIT School of Drama, bears no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the information. Individuals are therefore suggested to check the authenticity of the information.

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