Can you spot the two hidden women in this optical illusion within 9 seconds?

Two women are hiding in this picture, and you need to spot the hidden women within 9 seconds. Take this optical illusion challenge to test your observation skills now.
Find Two Hidden Women in 9 seconds
Find Two Hidden Women in 9 seconds

Find Two Hidden Women in 9 seconds: Optical illusions are great at tricking our eyes and mind. It makes us believe that what we are seeing is real while, in reality, there is something else that is present.

Optical illusions also help us break away from the mundane life and engage in something interesting.  It provides us entertainment along with an opportunity to use our observation skills to good use.

It is a good form of exercise for our eyes and brain. Scientists have conducted studies to understand the impact of optical illusions on our eyes and especially the brain. The complex workings of the brain can be identified by the way our brains perceive the optical illusions.

We are sharing one such cleverly crafted optical illusion that will blow your mind away.

You will be amazed at the beauty of optical illusion and how it convinces our minds leading us to believe that what we see is real. But the truth is far from what is seen by our eyes and processed by our brain.

Are you ready to experience the magic of illusions?

Let’s get started.

Can you spot the bike tires in this optical illusion in 11 seconds?

Can you spot two hidden women in this optical illusion?

Look at the image below.


Image Credit: Johannes Stoetter

This is a masterpiece created by Italian artist Johannes Stoetter. You can see a beautiful multicoloured chameleon sitting on a branch of a tree.

Or is it something else?

What if we tell you that there are two hidden women in this image, and you have 9 seconds to find them?

Your time starts now.

Are you able to spot the two hidden women in this picture?

Look carefully, and you will spot at least one of them.

Can you spot the hidden woman in this picture within 7 seconds?

Let us tell you that these women are hiding in plain sight; the only thing that makes them hidden is the brilliant way in which they have merged with the environment.

No success till now?

Do not worry; try to focus your attention on the multicoloured chameleon, and you will have the answer right in front of you.

The chameleon is in fact, a clever optical illusion that tricks our minds with the presentation. In reality, these are two women models posing for Johannes Stoetter's work around camouflauged animals bodypainting.

Johannes Stoetter is a former world bodypainting champion and artist known for his out of the world creations which creates optical illusions.

That is the beauty of optical illusions. What looks like a chameleon is, in reality, two models that were painted in bright colours to give them the appearance of a chameleon.

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