Can you spot the bike tires in this optical illusion in 11 seconds?

This bike seems to stand without tires, but how is that possible? Can you spot the hidden bike tires in this mind-boggling optical illusion? Try this optical illusion test now and test your observation skills.
Spot the hidden bike tires in 11 seconds
Spot the hidden bike tires in 11 seconds

Find Hidden Bike Tires: Fans of optical illusion puzzles are going bananas over a picture that has been doing the rounds on the Internet. 

If you look at the image below, you will also be perplexed.

Have you seen a bike standing without tires? 

Your answer will be a resounding no.

Well, how about this one.

Here is the image


Image Credit: Reddit

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This bike seems to be standing without tires; how is that even possible? 

This is the first question that comes to all of your minds, right?

The optical illusion enthusiasts are scratching their heads over this picture.

Ghost Rider, anyone….

You have 11 seconds to find the hidden bike tires in this mind boggling optical illusion.

Did you spot the bike tires?


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We understand that it is difficult to spot the hidden bike tires, but are pretty confident that some of you might be able to spot the tires easily.

It had the netizens perplexed. One user commented “idk why i was searching for 2 front tires”

While another user wrote there are no tires.

Did you have any luck finding the tires?

Time is almost over.

Those who were able to spot the tires in this optical illusion, we must heap praise on your excellent observation skills.

Those who couldn’t there is no need to worry, a little bit of practice will get you up to pace.

Now, coming back to the tires. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the area between front brake, there is a gap and observing that gap carefully will make you understand that there is a clear outline of bike tires.

At first glance, it is not possible to identify the bike tires due to the fact that the tires are covered completely in mud, thereby masking its actual structure and making it invisible to our eyes.

That is the beauty of optical illusions which not only provides the much needed fun but also delves deeply into the realm of psychoanalysis helping scientists decipher important brain functions.

The optical illusions also help us improve our observation skills by making us more aware of our immediate environment. It can also help improve the concentration. In addition to these benefits, it provides the thrill and excitement for our brain cells which is a great exercise for our brain.

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