Mother's Day 2019: 2nd Sunday of May

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Mother’s Day is celebrated to salute the motherhood, to increase the influence of mothers in the society, to increase the maternal bonds to children. Mother's are the best gift of nature. It is the time to think about the legacies, aspects of society and challenges that mother face everyday.    
May 11, 2019 23:11 IST
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Why Mother's Day is celebrated?
Why Mother's Day is celebrated?

Mother's Day in 2019 is on the Sunday, 12th of May. This day is celebrated to honour mothers and motherhood. It represents the maternal bond and mothers influence in the society. This day is celebrated among most countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Canada, South Africa, USA and European countries. But there is an exception that it is celebrated in the month of March in some Arab countries and in some European countries

Mother, being a protector throughout her life loves her children unconditionally. She plays different role like a teacher, best friend and one’s who besides us under all circumstances.

In India, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year and is also known as Mothering Sunday (Christian festival) to give respect and honour to the mother.

Do you know that Mother's Day is celebrated in the world on different days and forms due to different origins?

Anna Jarvis in 1908 is most often credited with founding Mother's Day and in 1914 the President Woodrow Wilson declared second Sunday of May as an official holiday in the United States. Even in ancient Greece it emerged as a custom of mother worship etc.

Therefore, Mother’s Day is celebrated to salute the motherhood, to increase the influence of mothers in the society, to increase the maternal bonds to children, etc.

We all have mothers, so together we should celebrate this day and it is the time to think about the legacies, aspects of society, challenges that mother face everyday etc. Mother's are the only one that plays a key role in building and maintaining connections across generations.

"Because for everything they do, mothers deserve ALL the kind words".

"A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." by Cardinal Meymillod

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History behind the celebration of Mother’s Day

What is the meaning of Mother word


Mother's Day was originated in ancient Greeks and Romans; a festival was honoured in favour of mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.

People offer honey-cakes, drinks and flowers at dawn. The Romans built a temple for Magna Mater, a mother of all gods or Great Mother. Even in march every year Festival of Hilaria is celebrated to honour her.

In the UK and in some parts of Europe, on the fourth Sunday of lent i.e. the 40 days leading up to Easter celebrate Mothers Day and call it as Mothering Sunday. This day they spent the whole day with their mom's, with cakes, sweets just like a festival.

In many countries like UK, China, India, US, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Japan and Belgium celebrates Mother's Day with full enthusiasm and joy of spending time with their special mother's, by giving gifts etc.

Mom’s are the best gift on this planet. Do you know Mother's Day turns 100 this year? This is the day when we can realize the care love, hard work and motivational thoughts for our mothers and understanding her importance. She is a great person in our life without which we cannot imagine a simple life. She is one who makes our life so simple and easy with her caring love.

Mother such a simple and single word which we can't define and whole universe rests in it. She is a person who never wants anything back from children. She only wants to make her children a responsible and good human being. Our mothers are motivational and guiding force for us who helps us to always go ahead and overcome any problem.

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