Everyone Can Look At The Stars In The Sky But Not Many Can Spot The Hidden Star In This Picture!

Here comes a beautiful optical illusion challenge for sky gazers. If you love to look at the night sky, you must not miss this one. Find the hidden star in this optical illusion image in not more than 1 minute.
Find The Hidden Star
Find The Hidden Star

Are you one of those rare people in the world who enjoy stargazing more than screen-gazing? And if so, admit that apart from looking at the moon, you also count the stars. You enjoy the breeze, make monsters or fairies out of the clouds, and talk to the universe.


For all you people who enjoy looking at the stars, here we bring to you an optical illusion image that presents you with an alluring star. Hey, the punch is that you will have to find the star. Are you ready?


Let's hop into the challenge!

The Challenge 


Here comes a strange image of alluring and colorful lines and patterns. These patterns do not take a shape or form to create any scenic beauty, but it looks pleasing to the eyes despite the ambiguity. 


Well, whether ambiguity is beautiful or strange is a different debate altogether. While some find ambiguous images confusing or boring, others bring out the art in them. Ambiguity leaves space for imagination,  which old-school folks like the stargazers enjoy the most.


Let's come back to the challenge. The picture below represents an image that is beautiful and strange in its own way. The challenge is to find a perfect star in the ambiguous picture. 


The Time


You may spend hours and hours looking at the stars in the sky, but this image won't give you that luxury. The image here demands you to find the hidden star in not more than 1 minute.


Set a timer on your phone for exactly 1 minute. No cheating here! 

Find the beautiful star in just 1 minute.


Image Source: Mind Oddities (YouTube)

Don't miss the corners. Have a keen look at all the shapes.


Here Is The Star Hidden!

Image Source: Mind Oddities (YouTube)

Woah! No one ever thought that a strange image like this would have a star in it.

Anyway, it was a sweet challenge, wasn't it?


We at Jagran Josh love to entertain you this way with beautiful images. Till we bring the next amazing picture, say our hellos to the stars you adore in the night sky!

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