We bet you can’t find an Antelope, a Bat, a Flamingo and a Fox in this Optical Illusion in 11 Seconds

There are four animals in this optical illusion image and we bet you can’t find an Antelope, a Bat, a Flamingo and a Fox in this optical illusion in 11 seconds. Are you among those who can spot them in 11 seconds? Try Now.
Find Four Hidden Animals Optical Illusion
Find Four Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

Find Four Animals Optical Illusion: Optical Illusion has taken the Internet by storm and the netizens are wanting more and more to fill their insatiable desire to solve the optical illusions.

The optical illusions are fun to solve, making them a great source of entertainment and they can be used to challenge your peers to test your intelligence and observation skills.

Optical Illusions have become an integral part of pop culture. Netizens tend to engage with such optical illusion pictures to get an idea about their levels of perception.

While it serves as a means of entertainment and a test of skill for some, for others like research scientists optical illusions are a means of testing the way our brain functions.

The study involves the way our brain reacts to these optical illusions and which part of the brain is utilised more.

Who would have thought that there will be such a valuable side to the fun optical illusion challenges.

Does all that make you interested to try one optical illusion test for yourself and your friends?

Go ahead and try this one out.

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Optical Illusion - Find a Fox, an Antelope, a Flamingo and a Fox in this Optical Illusion in 11 Seconds

Take a look at the painting below.


Image Credit: Playbuzz


You can see it is a beautiful sunny day in this seaside painting. The ships are moving on their way to deliver passengers and goods to faraway places.


Also, you cannot take your eyes off the quaint little hut on the top of the rocks.


Dreamy, isn’t it?


Some of you might have had dreams of living in such a place and enjoying the beauty of mother nature, right?


We hope your dreams will come true one day. 


Meanwhile, let’s get back to our optical illusions challenge now.


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The scenery is so attractive that even the animals cannot resist coming and soaking in the sunshine.


There is a hidden antelope, bat, flamingo and fox in this painting who are also enjoying the seaside.


It takes someone with excellent observation skills to spot all four animals within 11 seconds. Are you one of them?


How many did you spot till now?


If you are not having any success till now then try looking at the rock structure closely.


Can you spot some animals now?


Let us give you one more hint.


Not all the animals are in one place and are scattered in the picture.


Time’s up.


It’s time to check where the four animals are hiding in the picture.



Image Credit: Playbuzz

The Antelope: The antelope can be found right in the middle of the rock and its legs can be seen extending to the hut.


The Bat: The Bat can be found on the right side of the antelope and spans its wing, soaking in the sunshine.


The Flamingo: The Flamingo can be found on the left side of the image near the shrubs.


The Fox: The Fox can be found on the rocks on the right side of the image and is running in the opposite direction of the antelope. It is also on the left side of the antelope.

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