GK Quiz on Latest Technologies

Technology is a practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area or field. Quiz on Latest technologies will enhance knowledge and also make you aware about latest inventions which may be helpful in the preparation of various examinations whether a school or competitive.
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Technology is when knowledge, process, skills, techniques etc are collected together and creates an artificial world. Or we can say that technology is a practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area or field. GK Questions with descriptive answers on Latest Technologies will aware about the changes took place in scientific world or in our surroundings.


No doubt our science is developing day by day and the rapid shift in technology over last decade has created an entirely new world.
1. What is the name given to a folding bike helmet?
Ans. Morpher is a folding bike helmet which is made up of an interweaved plastics and is strong enough to protect bikers from any accident or injury. It is flexible and can be fold almost totally flat, making it easier to transport.
2. What is Interscatter Communication technology?
Ans. It is a technology to convert Bluetooth signal into WiFi signals so that contact lenses and brain implants can send signals to smart phones. Contact lenses connected with interscatter communication could use the contact lens wearer’s tears to track blood sugar levels by sending notifications to the person’s cell phone when the levels dropped. Amazing is diabetics could have immediate notice that they needed treatment.

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3. Have you ever heard about electronic tattoos?
Ans. University of Israel had developed a flexible electrode which can be applied like a tattoo isn’t it amazing. This technology was designed so that persons needing long term recordings of muscle activity could wear the thin electrode which can be applied like a tattoo. Successful results of this can do anything that a regular electrode can.
4. What is ONO?
Ans. ONO is a device which can convert Android or iPhone or Windows phone into a 3D printer and print objects from your device. For this you should have a flat screen smart phone with a touch screen and the installed app. ONO uses a smart phones screen as a light source and hardens the resins thereby creating 3D objects layer by layer. With the help of an ONO app you can also share your exclusive designs to your friends via message.
5. Do you know about MesoGlue?
Ans. MesoGlue is metallic glue which can do soldering or welding without heating the device. It can work on anything including computer’s central processing unit (CPU), a printed circuit board, a glass and a metal filament in a light bulb. It will also help in reducing the risk of heat damage to the components.

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6. What do you mean by Better Shelter?
Ans. Better Shelter is a social firm that develops and provides innovative housing solutions for persons disturbed by armed conflicts and natural disasters.
7. Define computer forensics?
Ans. It is the ability to recover or read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer. It is basically an example of a law enforcement speciality.
8. What is Nanotechnology?
Ans. Nanotechnology is the science which revolves around the use of nano structures to build devices on an extremely small scale.

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