How many breeds of cows found in India?

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    India’s economy is largely based on agriculture and animal husbandry in which milk production plays an important role. It is also the largest buffalo milk producer in the world. There are 37 cow breed found in the country, but out of these Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar and Rathi are known for milking attributes. The annual production of milk in India is about146.31 Million tonnes of Milk.

    Milk Producing Region

    Here, we are the giving India’s famous cow breeds which are found across the country.

    How many breeds of cows found in India?

    1. Gir

    Gir Cow


    Average Yield/lactation: 2000-6000 kg   

    Geographical Region:  Saurashtra, Gujarat       

    Characteristics: This breed is highest producer of milk among all breeds in India and used for making hybrid variety not only in India but also other countries like Brazil.

    2. Sahiwal



    Average yield/lactation: 2000-4000kg

    Geographical Region    : Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana    

    Characteristics: This cow is also called ‘Red Gold’ and identified by its prominent red colour.

    3. Red Sindhi

    Red Sindhi


    Average yield/lactation: 1100-2600 Kg

    Geographical Region    : Originated in Sind, Pakistan

    Characteristics:   The range of this cow in colour from a deep reddish brown to a yellowish red, but most commonly a deep red. It has a very high genetic potential for milk as compare to Sahiwal.

    4. Rathi



    Average yield/lactation: 1800-3500 kg

    Geographical Region: Bikaner, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab

    Characteristics: It is characterized by its white skin with black or gray spots but usually found brown in colour. It is believe that evolved from intermixing of Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar and Dhanni breeds with a preponderance of Sahiwal blood.

    5. Tharparkar



    Average yield/lactation: 913 -2146 kg

    Geographical Region: Sindh (Pakistan), Kutch, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur        

    Characteristics: The “White Sindhi”, “Grey Sindhi” and “Thari” are another name of this breed. This cow has better heat tolerance and disease resistance and hence it was used for producing “Karan Fries” breed - a synthetic crossbred cattle breed at National Dairy Research institute (NDRI).

    6. Deoni



    Average yield/lactation: 638-1229 kg

    Geographical Region : Marathwada, Maharashtra   

    Characteristics: The “Surti”, “Dongarpati”, “Dongri”, “Wannera”, “Waghyd”, “Balankya” and “Shevera” are the another name of this cow breed. It is believed to be evolved from the mixture of Gir, Dangi and local cattle.

    7. Hariana

    Hariana Cow


    Average yield/lactation: 1000-2000 kg

    Geographical Region: Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan   

    Characteristics: This breed is good milkers.

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    8. Kankrej



    Average yield/lactation: 1500-4000 kg

    Geographical Region: Bhuj, North Gujarat, Rajasthan

    Characteristics: The “Wadad” or “Waged”, “Vagadia”, “Talabda”, “Nagar”, “Bonnai” are the famous names of this breed. The milk of this breed is very useful in tick fever, heat stress, contagious abortion and tuberculosis.

    9. Ongole



    Average yield/lactation: 700- 798 kg

    Geographical Region: Guntur, Ongole in Andhra Pradesh

    Characteristics: They are fair milkers. 

    10. Red Kandhari

    Red Kandhari


    Average yield/lactation: 500-598 Kg

    Geographical Region: Marathwada, Maharashtra.       

    Characteristics: This breed produces fair quantity of milk.

    11. Nimari



    Average yield/lactation: 600-954 Kg

    Geographical Region: Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh      

    Characteristics: This is identifies as copper colour, with patches of white.

    12. Malvi



    Average yield/lactation: 627-1227 Kg

    Geographical Region    : Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan 

    Characteristics: These cows are average milkers.

    13. Dangi

    Dangi Cow


    Average yield/lactation: 175- 800 kg

    Geographical Region: Western Maharashtra

    Characteristics: It is characterised by white coat colour with red or black spots distributed unevenly over the body.

    14. Khillari



    Average yield/lactation: 240 to 515 Kg

    Geographical Region: Southern Maharashtra, Northern Karnataka         

    Characteristics: The “Mandeshi”, “Shikari” and “Thillar” are the common names of this breed. They are average milker.

    15. Amritmahal

    Amritmahal Cow


    Average yield/lactation: 1000-1200 kg

    Geographical Region: Karnataka    

    Characteristics: The “Doddadana”, “Jawari Dana” and “Number Dana” are famous names of this Breed. They are average milkers.

    16. Hallikar



    Average yield/lactation: 227-1134 kg

    Geographical Region: Hassan, Mysore, Tunkur districts of Karnataka     

    Characteristics: The milk of this breed is thinner and produces low yields of milk.

    17. Kangayam



    Average yield/lactation: 500-540 kg        

    Geographical Region: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu  

    Characteristics: They are poor milkers.

    18. Siri



    Average yield/lactation: 425.8 Kg  

    Geographical Region: Hills around Darjeeling and Sikkim. Originally from Bhutan

    Characteristics: They are average milk producers.

    19. Bachaur

    bachaur cow


    Average yield/lactation: 225 to 630 kg

    Geographical Region: Sitamarhi, Bihar

    Characteristics: It has very close similarity to the Hariana breed and average milk producers.

    20. Mewati

    Mewati Cow


    Average yield/lactation: 958 Kg

    Geographical Region: Rajasthan

    Characteristics: Cows are said to be good milkers. They are similar to Hariana but there are traces of influence of are Gir, Kankrej and Malvi breeds.

    21. Krishna Valley

    Krishna Cow


    Average yield/lactation: 500- 913 Kg

    Geographical Region: Southern border of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh

    Characteristics: Cows are fair milkers.

    22. Ponwar



    Average yield/lactation: 300- 459 Kg

    Geographical Region: Pilbhit, Uttar Pradesh

    Characteristics: Cows are poor milkers.

    23. Vechur



    Average yield/lactation: 800-915 kg        

    Geographical Region : Kerala      

    Characteristics: It is recognised as the smallest cattle in the world.

    In the above article will give the list of how many types of Cows breeds found in India and what is their lactation yield, where they found and their characteristics that will enhance the general knowledge of the readers.

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