List of Hydroelectric Power stations in Armenia

General Knowledge List: Following is the list of Hydroelectric Power stations in Armenia
Created On: Apr 20, 2013 11:34 IST
Modified On: Apr 23, 2013 17:03 IST
Station Town Capacity (MW) Status Location
Gyumush Hydroelectric Power Station Argel 224 Operational 40°22′44″N 44°36′28″E / 40.3789496°N 44.6078825°E
Kanaker Hydroelectric Power Station Yerevan 102 Operational 40°13′21″N 44°30′48″E / 40.2225994°N 44.5132971°E
Shamb Hydroelectric Power Station Shamb 171 Operational 39°27′24″N 46°09′47″E / 39.4566735°N 46.1631775°E
Tatev Hydroelectric Power Station Tatev 157 Operational 39°25′39″N 46°22′16″E / 39.4275499°N 46.371038°E

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