List of Hydroelectric Power stations in Belgium

General Knowledge List: Following is the list of Hydroelectric Power stations in Belgium
Created On: Apr 23, 2013 16:20 IST
Modified On: Apr 23, 2013 17:05 IST
operator Station Location type Capacity (MW) Status Coordinates
Electrabel Coo-Trois-Ponts Hydroelectric Power Station Stavelot Pumped storage 1164 Operational 50°23′12″N 5°51′26″E / 50.3867143°N 5.8572578°E
Electrabel Plate Taille Lake Eau d'Heure Pumped storage 143 Operational 50°11′19″N 4°23′11″E / 50.188651°N 4.386258°E
Electrabel Bévercé Malmedy classical 9.2 Operational 50°26′20″N 6°02′20″E / 50.438796°N 6.038930°E
Electrabel Bütgenbach Bütgenbach classical 1.8 Operational 50°26′10″N 6°12′37″E / 50.436191°N 6.210401°E
Electrabel Heid-de-Goreux Aywaille classical 8.1 Operational 50°27′22″N 5°43′04″E / 50.456188°N 5.717836°E
Electrabel La-Vierre Chiny classical 1.9 Operational 49°43′59″N 5°22′37″E / 49.732938°N 5.376884°E
EDF Luminus Ampsin-Neuville Amay classical 10 Operational 50°32′03″N 5°17′48″E / 50.534154°N 5.296673°E
EDF Luminus Ivoz-Ramet Liege classical 10 Operational 50°35′35″N 5°27′41″E / 50.593184°N 5.461270°E
EDF Luminus Andenne Andenne classical 9 Operational 50°29′31″N 5°04′12″E / 50.491974°N 5.069906°E
EDF Luminus Monsin Liege classical 18 Operational 50°39′11″N 5°37′53″E / 50.653180°N 5.631349°E
EDF Luminus Lixhe Visé classical 20 Operational 50°45′06″N 5°41′16″E / 50.751765°N 5.687777°E
EDF Luminus Floriffoux Namur classical 1 Operational 50°26′48″N 4°46′25″E / 50.446742°N 4.77364°E
EDF Luminus Grands-Malades Namur classical 5 Operational 50°27′57″N 4°53′58″E / 50.465968°N 4.899369°E

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