List of Power stations in Washington (Wind Farms)

General Knowledge List: Following is the list of Power stations in Washington (Wind Farms)
Created On: May 17, 2013 12:30 IST
Name Capacity (MW) Status
Windy Point Wind Farm 339 Operational
Windy Point II 29.9 Under construction
Windy Flats Wind Farm 59.8 Operational
Willow Creek Wind Farm 72 Operational
Wild Horse I 273 Operational
White Creek Wind Farm 205 Operational
Vantage Wind Power Project 90 Under construction
Stateline Wind Farm 177 Operational
Nine Canyon Wind Farm 99 Operational
Marengo Wind Farm 211 Operational
Lower Snake River Wind Facility 342.7 Operational
Linden Ranch 50 Operational
Kittitas Valley Wind Farm 100.8 Under construction
Juniper Canyon 151.2 Under construction
Hopkins Ridge Wind Farm 157 Operational
Harvest Wind Farm 99 Operational
Goodnoe Hills Wind Farm 94 Operational
Coastal Energy 6 Operational
Big Horn Wind Farm 200 Operational
Big Horn 2 50 Under construction

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