Optical Illusion: Can you spot a cat in this picture in half a minute?

Can you spot a cat in half a minute? Today's optical illusion is a picture of a garbage dump in which you have to spot a cat in half a minute. Isn't it confusing and challenging too? Take a look at the picture!

Shikha Goyal
Jun 17, 2022, 11:41 IST
Optical Illusion: Can you spot a cat in this image in half a minute?
Optical Illusion: Can you spot a cat in this image in half a minute?

Can you spot a cat in half a minute? The optical illusion of the day is confusing and an almost impossible brainteaser. Try and find the cat hidden in a garbage dump in this picture.

Optical illusions are also known as visual illusions, and they trick the eye and make you think you can see something that you cannot. Optical illusions are interesting and require great effort to spot an element properly. 

This brainteaser could be the difficult one. Look at the picture and spot the hidden cat.

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The picture of an unknown landfill site was first seen on Playbuzz, which shows a cat crawling across the piles of unwanted items. But it is very difficult to spot exactly where she is. 

In the picture of the rubbish dump, several items are shown that ranging from old engines, rusty metalwork, and some random discarded goods, which make it difficult to spot or find the cat.

Is a cat visible in this picture of a rubbish dump? Where is she either on the right side of the picture or on the left side of the picture? Maybe she is at the centre of the picture. 

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Spot the cat in the picture of a rubbish dump? Look carefully at the picture again!

Is the cat visible? If not then don't worry. Scroll down for the bigger clue.

Bigger Clue: It may be in the middle left of the picture. Is it now visible? Are you able to spot the cat?

OK, so now here is the answer.

The cat is hiding in the middle left of the picture. 


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