Optical Illusion: There is a tiger right in front of you, but you still need to find THE HIDDEN TIGER! Here comes a super-exciting challenge!

We never stop innovating. Here comes a challenge that will trick your mind hard today. Say hello to the tiger clearly visible in the image, and then find the hidden tiger!

Astha Pasricha
May 30, 2023, 21:57 IST
Enjoy this tricky challenge. Find the hidden tiger!
Enjoy this tricky challenge. Find the hidden tiger!

If you are wondering if this is our regular "find the hidden animal" challenge, then you may be wrong. Today, we are in a mischievous mood, and thus, we bring to you a challenge that you may have never tried before. However, before that, let us first set the base of the challenge and fix your mood for it. Let's start with a basic question:


How many times does it happen to you that something is right in front of you, but you miss seeing it?


Well, countless times, we are sure. Even people with the best attention abilities and perfect vision sometimes fail to find or locate something that is right in front of them, As a child, many of us have got scolded by our mums to not keep our things in place, and not being able to find something that is actually right in front of us. This is a basic human error. There can be many reasons for our lack of spotting things that are actually right in front of our eyes. 

One of them could definitely be a lack of attention. Many times our minds are so tired that it actually diminishes our attention abilities. This further affects the way we manage our things and find our missing objects.

Another possible reason for the same error could be our minds are crowded with many other thoughts. The present-day world often makes it almost impossible to lead a stress-free life. There are so many spheres of our lives that need attention and thus our mind is often overwhelmed with thoughts and concerns. When given an opportunity to find a missing item, one, no matter how great a vision one has, may be so involved in other thoughts that one may miss catching the hidden or lost item. This negligence could be the reason for many things to go unnoticed from our vision.

The third reason behind people missing out on important things could be an attitude issue. The ways we are raised, the situations we face in life, the positive and negative reinforcements we experienced in our childhood, and our childhood traumas; all contribute to the ways an adult understands and behaves. Sometimes, lack of effort or care can also be the reason for people not being able to spot hidden things that are in reality right in front of them. The tendency to not care shows that maybe, looking for the missing item is not as important to the viewer as it may be for others.


Is the conversation turning into a serious tone? Well, no worries. The interesting challenge that lies ahead is more than enough to bring back the excitement. Get ready for some adrenal rush!

Wondering what you have to do in this challenge?

Well, we have already stated it above. We will be presenting an image that will have a healthy tiger staring at you, just right in front of you.

While you can adore the pride of the tiger for a moment, all you have to do in the challenge is to find the hidden tiger. Sounds easy? It's not. Read on the rules to know.


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Rules of the challenge

The rules of the challenge are pretty simple and straightforward. While there is a healthy tiger you can easily spot in the image that follows, all you have to do is to find the hidden tiger in the image. Will you be getting a whole day to finish the task? Certainly not. You will only be getting 10 seconds to find the hidden tiger. Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Now, start looking for the hidden tiger the moment the timer starts. Stop looking for it the moment the beeps. Remember, tigers don't like cheaters.


Here comes the moment you had been waiting for!





Image Source: The Blondie Girl (YouTube)



Thinking if we are doing any prank with you? Well, certainly not. There is actually the hidden tiger waiting for you to catch it. Even if your time is up, you can still give yourself another chance to find the hidden tiger. Come on, here comes the image again.


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Image Source: The Blondie Girl (YouTube)


Wondering where the hidden tiger actually is? Here you go!



THE HIDDEN TIGER you had been waiting for!


Image Source: The Blondie Girl (YouTube)


We are sure we made you crack up for a moment. Didn't we say we are going to trick your brain hard this time? Well, even the tiger in front of you also knew the secret!

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