Prove Your Math Skills By Solving This Math Riddle.

Are you good at math? Do you have problem-solving skills? If you don’t know, then try this math riddle and prove your arithmetic skills.
Prove Your Math Skills By Solving This Math Riddle
Prove Your Math Skills By Solving This Math Riddle

Solving math riddles is fun, especially when you get them right. 

But did you know that solving them can also improve your brain power? In fact, research shows that practicing math riddles helps develop problem-solving skills.

They are a great way to practice basic arithmetic and algebra skills. They also help build logical thinking and reasoning abilities. Plus, they’re fun. 

What a win-win situation!

This is why we are back with another math riddle to help improve the functioning of the logical part of your brain. 

Prove Your Math Skills By Solving This Math Riddle. 

Look at the riddle posted below. 


Riddle Credit: Imran sir maths

Here you can see three triangles with numbers written on and all around them. 

Can you figure out a pattern for these numbers?

And which number will replace the question mark in the third triangle?

If you are good at math, you can solve this riddle easily, but if math is not your strength then you will have to work hard to figure out the answer. 

If you find this too easy, then we are turning this math riddle into a challenge for you. 

You have to solve this in under 17 seconds. 

And your time starts now. 

Go! All the best!

Math Riddle

You must have figured out the answer by now. 

If you have, congratulations are in order. We knew you could do this. 

Still, we are going to reveal the answer so you can cross-check your calculations.

In the first triangle, (5 x 6)/2

=> 30/2

=> 15, which is the number in the middle of the triangle

In the second triangle, (2 x 8)/4 = 

=> 16/4 

=> 4, which again is the number in the middle of the second triangle. 

Similarly, in the third triangle, (7 x 4)/14

=> 28/14

=> 2

Hence, the number in the middle of the third triangle is 2. 

We hope that you liked this math riddle. 

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