The Majority Has Failed To Solve This Viral Math Riddle On Eggs. Can You?

This egg math riddle has gone viral on the internet because the majority has failed to solve it. Can you?
Majority Has Failed To Solve This Viral Math Riddle On Eggs. Can You?
Majority Has Failed To Solve This Viral Math Riddle On Eggs. Can You?

Riddles are puzzles that challenge our brains to solve problems using logic and reasoning. Math riddles are a type of puzzle where the answer is hidden within a mathematical equation.

Math riddles are fun and challenging. They require mental agility and problem-solving skills. What makes them so effective at helping us improve our brain power?

"Why are math riddles good?"

They are great because they force you to think outside the box. The answers aren't always obvious or straightforward. They also give you practice in problem-solving and critical thinking.

So, here we are to hone your numerical abilities and critical thinking skills with this math problem, which has gone viral and stumped the internet. 

This egg math problem has scrambled everyone’s brain. Will it scramble yours as well? Let’s find out here. 

Can You Solve This Viral Math Riddle On Eggs That The Majority Has Failed To Solve?

Look at the math riddle posted below.


It is quite straightforward, right?

Then let’s go and solve it. 

Best of luck!

You got 12 as your answer, didn’t you?

Well, the answer is wrong. 

How? Continue reading to get the correct answer. 

Math Riddle Answer

It's important to read this viral math riddle carefully. The answer is 3. 

The phrasing of this puzzle is where the trick is. Read the first phrase carefully, "If I had four eggs," the “if” is hypothetical. So, you start with 0 eggs. 

Now, the thief offers you three eggs.

Now, your rooster lays 5 eggs, but that is an absurd statement. Roosters cannot lay eggs. 

So add 0 + 3 + 0 and you get 3 as the answer. 

Hence, I have 3 eggs in total. 

We hope that this challenging math riddle was able to tickle your grey matters. 

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