Spot The Difference: Can you Spot 5 Differences in 27 seconds?

Spot the Difference: Two similar images are placed side by side but they are different from each other. Spot 5 differences within 27 seconds. Test your level of intelligence and observation skills with this challenge now.
Spot 5 differences in 27 seconds
Spot 5 differences in 27 seconds

Spot the differences: One of the most entertaining activities currently doing the rounds on the Internet is spotting the differences between two images. 


The concept of spotting the differences relies on the user to find out the differences that exist in two similar-looking pictures. It is one of the popular activities that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.


It is an activity that can be conducted either individually or in a group. Attempting in groups will make it easy for you to understand who is the fastest in the group.


The basic premise of this activity lies within two similar images that are placed side by side with the participant required to spot the differences between the two pictures.


To solve the challenge one needs to focus on the image carefully and note down the differences observed.


Looking to try one challenge now?


Then, let’s get started.


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Spot The Difference - Find 5 Differences in 27 Seconds


Source: Dcuk


This image is shared by Dcuk which is a premium company in the UK involved in manufacturing wooden and bamboo artefacts.


The image features one of their wooden ducks which is crafted by artists from Indonesia.


Although the two images look similar, there are subtle differences between the two and your task is to find the differences within 27 seconds.


Set your stopwatch to zero and get ready for the activity.


Worried about the solutions.


Do not worry, we will be providing the solutions at the end so that you can match them with your findings.


Now, do not look at the solutions straight away as it will take the fun element out of the activity.


Those who have already completed the time and recorded their findings can scroll below to match their answers.


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Spot The Difference - Solution


  1. The pumpkin is missing one white streak.
  2. There is more gap between the muffler that the duck is wearing.
  3. The eye dot is placed on a different spot.
  4. A star is missing in the shoe.
  5. There is one less berry in the shrub.

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