This Chinese Math Riddle Is Only For Geniuses To Solve.

This math riddle from China is a tough nut to crack. Only geniuses have been able to solve this. Can you?
This Chinese Math Riddle Is Only For GeniUses To Solve
This Chinese Math Riddle Is Only For GeniUses To Solve

Math problems aren’t always easy to figure out. They require practice and experience to master, especially if you don’t have much time to spend learning. 

These seemingly simple numbers and equations seem impossible at first glance, but they are really quite simple once you get the hang of them.

If you want to become a better problem solver, then you need to start practicing now. This is why we are here with an exciting math riddle to give you a headstart with your practice. 

This math riddle is extremely functional for all ages, whether you are a student preparing for exams or a working adult.

Let’s start!

This Chinese Math Riddle Is Only For GeniUses To Solve. 

This math riddle may seem easy and like every other math riddle out there, where you have to determine the value of certain elements. However, this one is different and trickier than the rest. This math riddle has stumped even the smartest students. 

Can you solve it?

Let’s look at the riddle. 


Source: Reader’s Digest

Get solving. We wish you the best of luck. 

Math Riddle Answers

If your answer is anything other than 16, you are wrong. 

Stumped, right? How could the answer be 16?

Well, allow us to walk you through the calculations. 

Let the value of shoes be x, tiger be y, and whistle be z. 

Now, substitute the value of shoes in the first equation. 

x + x + x = 30

=> 3x = 30

=> x = 10

Put the value of x = 10 in the second equation, 

X + y + y = 20

=> 10 + 2y = 20

=> 2y = 10

=> y = 5

Now, substitute the value of y = 5 in the third equation.

Y + 2z + 2z = 13

(Why 2z? Look at the symbols, there are 2 whistles grouped together.)

=> 5 + 4z = 13

=> 4z = 8

=> z = 2

Let's substitute the values of x, y, and z in the last equation. 

X + y x z =?

=> 10 + 5 x 2 

=> 20

But, 20 is the wrong answer. 

The trick lies tied around the cat's neck. 

The cat is wearing a whistle around its neck in the second and third equations, but not in the fourth.

The final equation should be changed to x + (y - z) x z. 

Input the following numbers: 10 + (5 - 2) x 2. Go through it step by step. The formula is 10 + (3) x 2, followed by 10 + 6.

Hence, the answer is 16. 

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