This fun brain teaser about a rooster might roast you hard!

In love with brain teasers? Here is an interesting one for you!
Feeling bored? Try this exciting brain teaser!
Feeling bored? Try this exciting brain teaser!

Ever since we were a child, we all were forced to step into a rat race to prove our intelligence.



 Our guardians tried to get us into the best schools so that we did not lag behind.



We studied thoroughly, compared ourselves with others, and tried to be or at least pretended to be the best.



We learned plenty of theories and formulas, which helped us to score well. However, sometimes, these heavy theories put a veil on our common sense.




That is what we aim to test here.




How? Do we have a machine to test common sense? Well, we wish we had one, but for now, we have this exciting brain teaser that is precisely the same.




Here is the brain teaser for you!


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A rooster is sitting on the roof of a barn facing EAST.




The wind is blowing to the WEST at 10 mph.




The rooster lays an egg. Which direction does the egg roll, EAST or WEST?



Come on, think about it!



Did you say EAST?  Do consider the direction of the wind again!





Well, check the answer below! The rooster himself wants to know!



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Forget the answer, just tell us where you got the eggs you ate this morning.




You bought it from the mart right? The man at the shop bought it from the poultry. And the poultry got the eggs from then HEN, not from any ROOSTER!



Yes, there is no egg in this brain teaser, as roosters do not lay eggs!



Didn't we warn that the answer might roast you? We did, we did!


Seahorses are indeed mesmerizing! Find the hidden one in this optical illusion image!

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