What are the diseases caused due to lack of water?

Life is not possible without water on the planet. Our body consists 50 to 60 % of water. If we drink less water or suffers from chronic dehydration, then we should take it seriously because lots of diseases can be caused due to lack of water. In this article, we will be discussing about the diseases caused by water deficiency.
Diseases caused due to lack of water
Diseases caused due to lack of water

Life cannot be imagined without water. It is one of the most important substances on earth. Do you know that if there is no water on the earth, then there will be no life? Water is not only meant for drinking, but it caters to many needs. Whenever there is a lack of water in the body which is also known as dehydration, then we should take it seriously. But do you know that due to lack of water, there are many diseases which can also be dangerous. Let us study about diseases caused by water scarcity through this article.
Diseases caused due to lack of water
Chronic dehydration has become a very common disease nowadays, do not ignore it. It can also have side-effects. This disease occurs to those who drink less water. Therefore, drink water at regular intervals and make this a habit.
1. Fatigue and lack of energy: Dehydration occurs due to lack of water in the body, due to which the rate of enzymatic activity decreases and fatigue increases. You feel exhausted, cannot work properly and energy seems to be lacking all the time.
2. Overweight or obesity: The water itself does not lose weight by burning fat, but the truth is that it plays an important role in weight loss. Drinking more water will help in releasing the toxic and waste products from the body. The stomach also feels full and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy metabolism.
3. Premature aging: Our body has more than 60% water and the body parts have to rely on this precious resource to work properly. When you drink lots of water during the day, it helps you to fight with free radicals that make skin and internal organs fresh and decrease premature aging.
4. Constipation: We all know that the chewed food enters the intestines and due to fluid the stool is easily formed. In this process, the intestines absorb more and more water. That is why hydration of intestines is important. If you suffer from dehydration, then the stool will not be able to form easily, the waste will not come out from the body, due to which you may suffer constipation.

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5. High and low blood pressure: Drinking more water helps in the release of toxic substances from the blood and provides better circulation. Our transportation system needs water to work properly because the amount of blood in the body alone is not enough to fill all the arteries, nerves and capillaries.
6. High level of bad cholesterol: Dehydration reduces the amount of water from the interior part of the cells, which means that the body starts compensating the water by producing more cholesterol, which is also not good for health.

Disease in Digestive System
Source: www.optimalhealthsystems.com
7. Diseases of the digestive system: The production of digestive juices reduces in the dehydrated body or the body which lacks water; this can lead to stomach problems and diseases such as gastritis and ulcers.
8. Urine Infection: Properly working of kidney and urinary system depends upon water. When the body is dehydrated, it increases the risk of cystitis such as urine or urine infection. It is easy to detect this disease because during infection urine becomes dark and it smells also.
9. Rheumatism and Eczema or itching: Due to lack of water, substances that are easily stored in the blood can result in various types of diseases and cause severe problems. Many studies have shown that a decrease in the amount of water can increase significant problems in joints also.
The body should sweat about 20 to 24 ounces (500 to 700 ml) daily, for this it should have enough fluid i.e. water. So, in sweating toxic substances and waste material comes out of the body, but if there is a lack of water in the body then skin diseases like eczema can be caused.
10. Problems with the respiratory system: Water is an important component of a healthy immune system and it prevents respiratory diseases. To protect you against pollution and other soot particles that enter in the mucous membrane of the lungs, nose, sinus, etc., mucous membrane should be moist and it requires water. If there is plenty of water in the body or in mucous membrane, then it will be hydrated and polluted particles will not stick to the membrane.

From this article we come to know that we should drink lots of water, infact in nowadays busy life we should make a habit of drinking water as it leads to many diseases which may be dangerous also. So, its better to drink and take precaution rather than becoming ill.

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