NCERT New Curriculum: Balanced Perspectives of All Genders to be Added in Textbooks

The Parliamentary Panel has ordered bringing a balanced perspective of all genders in the NCERT textbooks according to the new curriculum. The panel further suggested the portrayal of women as new and growing role models in school books. Check more details here. 

Updated: Dec 20, 2022 11:50 IST
NCERT New Curriculum
NCERT New Curriculum

NCERT New Curriculum: The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) commit towards bringing balanced perspectives of all genders in the New National Curriculum Framework (NCF). As per the orders of the parliamentary panel, a balanced approach in gender-based perspectives will be added to all school textbooks

Commenting on the action taken by the government, a report of the Reforms in Content and Design of School Textbooks Committee on its recommendations and observations was presented in the Parliament session.

Earlier, the committee had recommended that the marginalized depiction of women and girls in school textbooks or the image of women presented only as someone performing traditional and household roles must be put forward. Also, a detailed analysis is required from the viewpoint of gender-based partiality and stereotypical mentalities ought to be handled by the NCERT. 

Role of Women in NCERT Books

Further, the parliamentary panel announced that positive efforts should be made to create the textbooks’ content portrayal and visual depiction gender inclusive.

According to the matter reported publicly, the textbooks committee has been informed that the NCERT is aware of the gender-based objections raised by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Youth and Sports. Additionally, it has promised to contribute significantly to bringing a balanced approach towards all genders to be included in the National Curriculum Framework and all the NCERT textbooks. 

This action will be undertaken as a follow-up of the NCF. NCERT has already taken initiatives concerning the development procedure of the National Curriculum framework as per the NEP 2020. 

The government panel previously suggested that books should describe women as positive figures emerging professionally and in all other sections of society. They must be represented as ideal women with a focus on the contributions and achievements that they have made in society. 

This will not only help in inculcating self-esteem but will also boost self-confidence among all, particularly girls, as recommended by the committee. 

Moreover, while analyzing the textbooks, other social problems such as environmental sensitivity, human values, issues of children with special needs etc. can also be sought out for adequate inclusion in the NCERT school textbooks.

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