5 career development tools for success

Here, we are enlisting some career development tools that every working professional should know how to use.

Nov 17, 2017 19:17 IST
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5 career development tools for success
5 career development tools for success

Your success depends on your work performance in the company where you’re spending time as well as putting efforts to achieve the target of your professional life.  Work performance is the only key to your success. You can’t achieve success unless you impress your boss and employer with your performance.

The different set of skills and knowledge that are required for work performance are gained with experience and the intent to learn at every step. While some particular skills and knowledge can be acquired in a short span of time, some generally takes long time.

Although the process of improving overall work performance is quite difficult and lengthy, yet there are some Career-Development-Tools that can help you to improve your performance in short time.

In this article, we have explained how the Career-Development-Tools can help you to achieve success.

Personal Brand Statement

In your personal brand statement, you can describe how uniquely you’re good at providing a particular service. With your attractive and personal brand statement, you can win the trust of targeted audience. It can help to you to grow in the field where you’re working. Therefore, personal brand statement is something that can help you in achieving overall success. So, write a well though-out personal brand statement. Once it begins to catch the attention of targeted audience, you begin to achieve your targets.

Career Story

So, how you will write such a career story that can take you closer to your goal? A result-oriented career story includes how you have made your ways while struggling with the different challenges and problem.  You can easily attract your targeted audience if you’re presenting your story in the best possible manner. So, highlight how you have achieved particular targets while facing the challenges and problems in your career story. It can help you to attract some influential people on your side so that you can achieve success in no time.

Quantifiable (Not Subjective) Resume

Just remove if there is anything like ‘excellent communication skills,’ ‘visionary leader,’ or ‘creative innovator,’ in your Resume. Resume isn’t the place to write subjective traits which you could claim without evidence. While the hiring managers may rarely ask you to justify your claim, they generally don’t pay attention to these subjective traits. So, don’t write any subjective trait in your Resume. In order to get success, write about your past achievements that justify your claims about particular skill, knowledge, or expertise. Then, your Resume can easily convince anybody who sees it.      

Keyword-Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Keywords optimisation is the process that can help you to attract more profile visitors.  It can make your LinkedIn profile easily visible to them when they search professionals using particular keywords. Therefore, including keywords in your Linked profile is something that can help you to achieve your goal. So, research and analyse the keywords before selecting them for your LinkedIn profile. It can make your profile easily visible to more people.   

Updated Cover Letter Format

You can’t get chance to attend the other pre-selection process of the company if your cover letter isn’t updated. Generally, the hiring managers use a cover letter in a way to know more about the candidates. They invite candidates for other selection processes of the company when the cover letter successfully raises their interest in the candidate. So, update your cover letter with new achievements, and experiences. 

Interview Preparation

It’s very important to do thorough preparation before appearing for the interview as it may give you the confidence to present yourself in-front the interviewer. If you come unprepared, you may lose the track and start answering in a stumbled way, which will lead to bad-impression in the eyes of recruiter. Therefore, make sure to jot down the points and topics, be clear about your goals and how to achieve them, and do a self-rehearsal before the interview. 

Interview Bucket List

The chances of success increases with the number of opportunities one gets. You can select best possible career option and can achieve your goal if there are plenty of career options in your hand. So, start applying for the jobs as much as you can and begin to make preparation for the job interviews.  You can have the best career options for success if you successfully clear the job interviews.   


Although achieving success isn’t an easy task, but using personal brand statement, career story, quantifiable Resume, keywords optimised LinkedIn profile, updated cover letter, interview preparation, and lining up more interviews as a tool to success can make it easy. In this article, we have tried to explain how you can use these tools to achieve the goal of your professional life.

If you feel we have missed out on any other important thing that can help the professionals to achieve their success, please share them in the comment selection below. To help your family members, friends, and relatives for career selection, you can also share this article with them. To continue reading such articles, please subscribe to our newsletter. We would gladly send interesting articles related to career selection and new careers directly to your inbox.

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