7 Easy steps to a Good Night Sleep after a busy day at work

If getting a good night sleep has become a challenge for you, then follow these tips and enjoy the bliss of sound sleep to turn up fresh for work every day.

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7 Easy steps to a Good Night Sleep after a busy day at work
7 Easy steps to a Good Night Sleep after a busy day at work

One in 3 people suffer from sleep disorder. The degree of disorder may vary depending upon the stress experienced by a person, but practically the pressing deadlines take a huge toll on the sleep cycle of an individual. For a normal adult in the age bracket of 26-64 years, sleep of 7-9 hours is necessary to remain sane at workplace. Ignorance towards sleep will debilitate mental alertness and memory consolidation. It will even trigger high degree of mood swings and you will eventually lose your calm. At worse, sleep deficiency can also catalyse physical health disorders.

If you are suffering from sleep deficiency, follow these simple measures to resolve your problem and enjoy dozing off after a busy day at work:

1. Work out a strict routine

Going by the rule book, make a sleep schedule that you must follow without failing for a month. Earmark a time slot, for say 11pm to 6am. Do not get involved in any activity during this time. Go to bed and keep your mobile at an arm’s length from your head. Turn off all the notifications and even the internet. When you get pinged by any notification, it distracts a person from getting sound sleep. The only beep that distracts you shall be your mobile’s alarm. You can even keep a separate alarm clock if mobile is a distraction. 

2. Go for a herbal drink

Herbal tea or green tea is said to have a soothing effect on the sleep of a person. You can also enjoy hot chocolate in the bed. It will induce a reliving feeling that will let you sleep in relaxed mode. Try out this method and experience if it works for you. But do not get addicted to this habit before sleeping.

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3. Exercise regularly

A little work out plays a great role in inducing sleep. When gets tired, they often feel an urge to sleep. One of the keys to get an undisturbed sleep is exercise. Exercising is also a good source to lower mental stress and fatigue. Once you are mentally de-stressed, getting a good night sleep won’t appear difficult. If you love dancing, you can also try dancing to keep you body fit like a fiddle.

4. Don’t Overthink

Overthinking is equivalent to inviting stress. A person who overthinks, often fall prey to his/her own imagination. The future is uncertain and no one can predict what might happen tomorrow. So do not bother yourself in thinking about the uncertainties. Force you mind to either think positive or curb all the thoughts coming in your mind. This process of nullifying the constant supply of thoughts is not an easy one; but if you master this art, no one can stop you from the bliss if sound sleep.

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5. Feast upon a wholesome meal

A wholesome meal comprises of balanced diet that doesn’t interrupts the sleep cycle. It will keep your belly full and will keep you from an urge to nibble on the food items time and again. Remember that eating too much in the dinner can also make sleeping a challenge. You will experience bowels in stomach that can cause uneasiness in the body. Whereas, eating too meagre can also keep the belly empty! So try to balance the food intake at night for sound sleep.

6. Avoid consumption of sleep stealers

Alcohol and caffeine are the most common sleep stealers that people are addicted to. Avoid or curb the consumption of these agents that cause sleep deprivation. If you are insomniac, then cut-down on the intake of these items to balance your sleep cycle.

7. If nothing works, consult a doctor

After trying all the possible means to gain pleasing sleep time, if you still encounter hitches in the sleep, then consult a doctor. The will suggest ways to help you with this medical issue. They might suggest some cognitive exercise or medicines that will keep your mind calm and composed.

Summing Up...

Just like any other activity, sleep is a crucial task that can’t be ignored. A person can stay healthy when they give due priority to the sleep schedule.  One of the strongest risk factors for obesity is short sleep. Less sleep also reduces person’s ability to interact socially. So do not deprive your body of a special routine that acts as a nutrient for good health.

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