Benefits of Performing Arts Education at Schools

Performing Arts is beneficial in developing personality and also communication skills in children. Children, who participate in drama/theatre, perform music also do good in academics at school.  Performing arts has been a part of our lives for a long time but its advantages for students is not widely known.

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Performing Arts
Performing Arts

Performing Arts includes theatre, drama, plays, music, and poem recitation as well as mime, dance and circus. It is the art of expressing through acts/performances on stage. Schools have some of the performance art activities but its benefits for students are not commonly known. Here we bring the importance of performing arts along with academic and why it should be included in the school extra curriculum. 

Importance of Performing arts at schools –

  • Kids participating in performing arts at schools tend to overcome stage fright or anxiety of performing in front of large audience.  
  • With performing arts, students are made to speak, recite, and sing which helps them improve their communication skills. Not only they learn to express themselves but also learn new languages/dialects and pronunciations.
  • Poems recitation and singing helps kids to focus and creatively bring out their talent. Moreover, music is good for their emotional healing and meditation.

Importance of Visual Arts Education at schools

  • Children learn to express their feeling and emotions which help in overall development of personality
  • It improves critical thinking, reasoning, logical and imagination skills of students as they learn to adapt different roles and characters
  • Children get to perform every kind of act which includes serious acts, parody, comedy, emotional as well as mime acts, this trains them to control their emotions and be sincere.
  • Performing arts brings team spirit, integrity, coordination and understanding skills in children when they unite for a group performance.
  • Besides, children who participate in plays/theatre/drama also perform well at academics as they learn to memorise scripts which improve and trains their brains to learn faster.
  • Students get to explore different cultures through different acts, stories etc.
  • It helps in improving self-esteem in students as their acts/work is appreciated by a large audience and this makes them confident and motivated to perform better.
  • Overall benefit from of performing art for school children is that it is the best way to get a break from studies and also performing arts at schools is good for physical and mental health
  • If students are good at performing arts then they can get a good exposure for their talent as they will get to perform at different places. This will be helpful for their career too as they can put their talent with passion into achieving their desired platform.

Conclusion: Performing Arts is good for overall development and exposure of students. It involves their determination, talent and passion which can transform into a successful career. Schools should make it a mandatory part of extracurricular for all students where students can take up performing the art of their interests.

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