Career as a Social Media Expert

Want to transform your love for Facebook or Twitter into a profession? Know how you can become a social media expert through this video.

Social Media Expert
Social Media Expert

Social Media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram; all have become an integral part of our daily life in the last few years. Be it in college or during our daily commute in bus or a metro; almost everyone is hooked on to social media platforms, trying to share the best moments of their lives online with their friends and family.

But can your love for Facebook or Twitter be transformed into a career opportunity? You will be surprised to know that it can. There are dedicated social media experts and digital marketing professionals who specialize in social media to build and maintain the brand image of companies and organizations on different social media platforms.

Today, we have with us Pooja Saini with us, who will help us understand different nitty-gritties of career in social media.

Can one really transform their love for Facebook or Twitter into a full-fledged career option?

Although social media is still considered to be in its nascent phase as far as career options are concerned. But when we look at the millennial generation, who are all about social media, they can surely take up social media as a lucrative career option. But, just one must remember that just because you are good at using Facebook or Twitter as an individual, it doesn’t make you an expert. There are very specific skills and techniques that one has to learn as a social media expert in order to succeed as a professional in this field.

What does Career as a Social Media Expert entail?

Social media is often seen as a personal tool that individuals use to share updates and information about their personal life. But in the last 5 years, social media has emerged as a great and power tool for top companies and organizations; even government organizations to engage with their customers or audiences easily. Therefore, it surely has a great future as a career option.

As far as work profile of social media experts is concerned, it entails designing and execution of marketing campaigns on different social media platforms. These include popular ones like Facebook and Twitter but also some lesser known ones such as Pinterest and Flickr and others.

What are the core skills required to be a Social Media Expert?

Social media is a very creative field and thus to grab the eyeballs of the audience, one needs to be really creative while designing the social media campaigns. The second important skill is execution. As a social media manager you will have to understand user or audience behaviour and tweak your campaigns accordingly. In addition to this, strategic planning and content optimization are other important skills that are a must for anyone planning to build their career in the field of social media.

What kind of job opportunities can one expect as a Social Media Expert?

Being a relatively new field, social media job opportunities are not that common in the job market. However, the domain is undergoing slow and steady evolution whereby new and creative job opportunities are opening for social media experts. Some common social media job opportunities that are available today are Digital marketers, Campaign managers and Social Media influencers.

Salary Prospects for a Social Media Expert

There is no clearly defined benchmark as far as salary prospects for Social Media Marketers are concerned. The salary that you can expect as a social media expert would depend upon your skills and abilities. However, as a fresher starting out in the social media world, you can expect Rs 1.8 to 2.2. Lakhs as compensation.

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