CBSE Class 12 Physics Marking Scheme & Sample Paper: 2020

Check CBSE Class 12 Physics Marking Scheme 2020 (along with Sample Paper). This Marking Scheme has been released by CBSE and explained with the help of latest CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Paper 2020.

CBSE Marking Scheme 2020 for Class 12 Physics
CBSE Marking Scheme 2020 for Class 12 Physics

CBSE Marking Scheme for Class 12 Physics Board Exam 2020 is available here. With this article, students can download CBSE 12th Physics Marking Scheme 2020 from the download link at the end of this article. This Marking Scheme contains answer (or hints) with specific concepts & key points. Step-wise marking for all questions is depicted in this Marking Scheme.  

Content from CBSE Marking Scheme 2020 & Sample Paper:

Q1. A charge q is placed at the point of intersection of body diagonals of a cube. The

electric flux passing through any one of its face is 

a. q/(6εo)
b. 3q/εo
c. 6q/εo
d. q/3εo

A1. (a)

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Q2. The electric potential of earth is taken to be zero because earth is a good

a. Insulator 
b. conductor 
c. semiconductor 
d. dielectric

A2. (b)

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Q3. If the ammeter in the given circuit shown in the diagram reads 2A, the resistance R is

a. 1Ω 
b. 2Ω 
c. 3Ω 
d. 4Ω 

A3. (a)

NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 12 Physics

Q4. The heat produced by 100W heater in 2 minutes is equal to

a. 10.5kJ 
b. 16.3kJ 
c. 12.0kJ 
d. 14.2kJ 

A4. (c)

Q5. Time period of a charged particle undergoing a circular motion in a uniform magnetic field is independent of

a. speed of the particle 
b. mass of the particle
c. charge of the particle 
d. magnetic field 

A5. (a)

Q6. The final image formed in an astronomical refracting telescope with respect to the object is

a. Real inverted 
b. Real erect 
c. Virtual erect 
d. Virtual inverted 

A6. (d)

Q7. The shape of the interference fringes in Young’s double slit experiment when D (distance between slit and screen) is very large as compared to fringe width is nearly

a. straight line 
b. parabolic 
c. circular 
d. hyperbolic

A7. (a)





Download CBSE Marking Scheme 2020 (or Answers) for Class 12 Physics Sample Paper

Download CBSE Sample Paper 2020 for Class 12 Physics


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