CBSE Answer Key Class 10th English Term 1: CBSE Board Exam 2021-22

Check CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Answer Key to know correct answers of all questions asked in today’s CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Exam 2021. Download paper in PDF.

Gurmeet Kaur
Dec 11, 2021, 15:17 IST
CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Answer Key
CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Answer Key

CBSE: CBSE Answer Key for Class 10 English (Language and Literature) Term 1 Question Paper (Paper Code: 002/2/4) is provided here. This CBSE answer key is shared by the experts. With the help of this answer key, students can verify their answers and take out a rough idea of marks to be obtained in the paper. We have also shared below the link to know students’ reactions on the difficulty level of the paper and know the expert review of the paper. Question paper of CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2021-22 (Term 1) is also provided below here.  

Check the answers for CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Paper (002/2/4) below:

Section A : Reading

1. England (or Britain) turn by turn came under the rule of:

(a) Saxons : Romans: Normans

(b) Normans: Saxons : Romans

(c) Romans ; Saxons ; Normans

(d) Normans ; Romans : Saxons

Answer 1: (c)

2. The article describes :

(a) The development of the system of justice in England

(b) Civilized societies and justice

(c) Justice v/s Civilisation

(d) Rule of Justice in England

Answer 2: (a)

3. Study the following statements :

(A) Romans were proud of their judicial system.

(B) There is not much difference between the Norman and modern system of justice.

(a) (A) is right and (B) is wrong

(b) (B) is right and (A) is wrong

(c) Both (A) and (B) are right

(d) Both (A) and (B) are wrong

Answer 3: (c)

4. Match the following:

(A) Romans i. A priest to swear for the accused

(B) Saxons ii. Highly paid lawyers can win a case

(C) Modern iii. Educated judges and lawyers

(D) Normans iv. The winner in a battle declared innocent

(a) (A) iv; (B) ii; (C) i; (D) iii ;

(b) (A) iii; (B) i; (C) ii; (D) iv;

(c) (A) i; (B) iii ; (C) iv; (D) ii;

(d) (A) ii; (B) i; (C) iii : (D) iv:

Answer 4: (b)

5. Study the following statements:

(A) In a trial by battle, money played a main role.

(B) God helped the innocent win the battle.

(a) (A) is right and (B) is wrong

(b) (B) is right and (A) is wrong

(c) Both (A) and (B) are right and (A) was the conclusion

(d) Both (A) and (B) are right and (A) was not the conclusion

Answer 5: (a)

6. Study the following statements :

(A) Saxon system of trial was nobler than that of the Romans.

(B) Saxon system had two aspects - rough and noble.

(C) The rich Saxons could hire champions to argue their case.

(D) Even an innocent person would be held guilty if enough people did not swear for him. Following are correct :

(a) (A) and (B)

(b) (B) and (C)

(c) (C) and (A)

(d) (B) and (D)

Answer 6: (d)

7. Study the following statements :

(A) Earlier England comprised small villages each with a small population

(B) Crimes like cheating and fraud were rare.

(a) (A) is an assertion and (B) is the response

(b) (B) is an assertion and (A) is the response

(c) Both (A) and (B) are unrelated assertions

(d) Both (A) and (B) are responses to some other assertions

Answer 7: (a)

Answer 8:

Answer 9: (b)

Answer 10: (b)

Answer 11: (c)

Answer 12: (b)

Answer 13: (a)

Answer 14: (c)

Answer 15: (a)

Answer 16: (c)

Answer 17: (b)

Answer 18: (b)

Section B: Grammar & Writing

Answer 19: (a)

Answer 20: (b)

Answer 21: (b)

Answer 22: (d)

Answer 23: (b)

Answer 24: (a)

Answer 25:  (d)

Answer 26: (c)

Answer 27: (b)

Answer 28: (b)

Answer 29: (c)

Answer 30: (c)

Section C: Literature

Answer 31: (a)

Answer 32: (a)

Answer 33: (c)

Answer 34: (a)

Answer 35: (b)

Answer 36: 

Answer 37: (b)

Answer 38: (a)

Answer 39: (d)

Answer 40: (d)

Answer 41: (b)

Answer 42: (d)

Answer 43: (a)

Answer 44: (c)

Answer 45: (d)

Answer 46: (d) 

Answer 47: (d) 

Answer 48: (c)

Answer 49: (b)

Answer 50: (b)

Answer 51: (c) 

Answer 52: (b)

Answer 53: (b)

Answer 54: (c)

Answer 55:

Answer 56:

Answer 57:

Answer 58:

Answer 59:

Answer 60:

* This is a developing story

Disclaimer: This CBSE 10th English (Course A) answer key is for reference purposes and is not the official one. It is expected that the Official CBSE Class 10 English answer key will be released by the board after the declaration of result.

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