CBSE 2019: Syllabus, Papers, NCERT Solutions, Tips & Study Material for Classes 9th to 12th

Get latest CBSE Syllabus, Study Material, NCERT Solutions, Sample Papers and Solved Previous Year Papers. These resources are extremely important for the preparation of CBSE Class 12th and Class 10th board exam 2018.

CBSE Board Exam 2019
CBSE Board Exam 2019

CBSE Board Exams 2019 are about to start from 1st March and CBSE School Exams 2019 are also expected to start soon. This exam season for students for Classes 9th to 12th and during this time students need important resources for quick preparation and revision like the latest CBSE Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme, CBSE Sample Papers etc

In this article students from classes 9th to 12th will get complete study material, syllabus, paper pattern details as well as previous years question papers, videos for expert tips and strategies. The students appearing for CBSE Board exams 2019 and CBSE School exams can check this article.

You can access class-wise study material for CBSE Exam 2019 from the italic links given below

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2019

CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2019

Class 12 Sample Papers (Issued by CBSE) with Answers & Marking Scheme – All Subjects – Check here

CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Board Exams 2019 (Issued by CBSE) – Check here

CBSE Previous Years’ Papers – Class 12:

   - Maths

   - Physics

   - Chemistry

   - English

   - Biology

   - Physical Education

   - Hindi

   - Accountancy

   - Economics

   - Business Studies

• NCERT Solutions  – Class 12


• Class 10 Sample Papers (Issued by CBSE) with Answers & Marking Scheme – All Subjects

• CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Board Exams 2019 (Issued by CBSE)

• CBSE Previous Years’ Papers – Class 10:

   - Maths

   - Science

   - Social Science

   - English

   - Hindi





• NCERT Solutions  – Class 10

CBSE Class 11 Exams 2019

CBSE Class 9 Exams 2019

• CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Exams

• CBSE Practice Papers for Class 11 Exams 2019

• NCERT Solutions for Class 11

•  CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 Exams

• CBSE Practice Papers for Class 9 Exams 2019

• NCERT Solutions for Class 9

More articles for the preparation of CBSE Board Exam 2019 and CBSE Schools Exams 2019

CBSE Class 12

CBSE Class 12 board exams 2019 are expected to start from March 01, 2019 and students appearing for the examinations can check here updated syllabus, test papers, past year papers as well as study material including mock test papers, NCERT exemplars, sample papers with solutions etc. Read more..

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus – Students must check the updated syllabus for each subject of class 12 CBSE board exams 2018. The syllabus helps students in getting to know the chapters and topics that will be asked in the board exams. Also, with the updated syllabus, students can cross-check the past year's test papers to know the commonly asked topics in each subject.

Every year, CBSE releases academic syllabus for all subjects of class 12th. CBSE Syllabus contains important information related to course structure, question paper design, experiments, prescribed textbooks etc.

Some topics of NCERT textbooks are not included in latest CBSE Syllabus. It simply means that all the topics given in NCERT textbooks are not important from examination point of view.

Download here CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2017-2018 for All Subjects

CBSE Class 12 Exam Pattern – The students appearing for CBSE Class 12 Board exams 2018 must know the paper pattern for each subject as it will help them in understanding the test paper format like –

  • Type of questions
  • Number of questions
  • Total marks and marking scheme
  • Important instructions and features for attempting the exams

Check here the complete exam pattern for each subject of CBSE board class 12 exams

CBSE Class 12 Papers – Students appearing for CBSE class 12 board exams can download here previous year question papers, mock test papers, etc.

  • Mock Test Papers – The mock test papers include CBSE class 12 guess papers, practice papers, online test series for each subject. Click here to download question papers and practice online test series
  • Official Question Papers - Students can download the past year's papers as well as sample papers by CBSE. The CBSE board class 12 papers are available subject-wise. Download here CBSE class 12 previous years’ question papers
  • Sample Papers – Every year before the board exams, CBSE releases official sample papers for class 12 exams. The official CBSE class 12 sample papers will give students an overview about the format of the question papers i.e. marking scheme, paper structure/design, exam modalities etc. CBSE has recently released Sample Papers (along with Hints and Marking Scheme) for all the subjects of Class 12th. With the help of these CBSE Sample Papers students will easily get acquainted with latest examination pattern. Students preparing for CBSE board exam 2018 must solve this Sample Papers honestly and maths their solutions with the provided Hints (or Marking Scheme). Read more..

CBSE Class 12 Study Material – Students will get here complete package that will help in preparation for their Class 12 board exam subjects. They can download the experts’ notes, NCERT exemplar questions with solutions and much more. Check below to download the subject-wise study material –

  • Chapter Notes – we have provided here chapter-wise notes for each subject of CBSE Class 12 exams. Students can get here complete chapters notes as well as important topics with solutions. Read more..
  • Tips and Strategies – Students appearing for CBSE board class 12 exams need to develop strategies so that they not only pass in the examination but also, score well. Here we are providing you experts’ tips as well as toppers’ strategies for each subject. Read more..

NCERT Books & NCERT Solutions

Some subjects have huge syllabuses. As students don’t have much time for the preparation so, it is essential for students to first study the topics given in the CBSE Syllabus from NCERT textbooks. Afterward they can refer their class notes or any other reference books. NCERT books are very important for the CBSE students to prepare for not only the board exams but other competitive exams as well. Students should learn solutions of exercises given at the end of each chapter of NCERT Textbooks. We have provided NCERT Solutions for all major subjects of Class 12th.

Students having Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) as one of their subjects must also study NCERT Exemplar.  Sometime they may get questions from NCERT Exemplar in CBSE board exam 2018.

NCERT Books – Students can find here concepts for each subject of CBSE class 12 board exam. The concepts are taken from NCERT books which is most suitable for CBSE board exams preparation. Read more..

NCERT Solutions – Students can get here solutions for NCERT exemplars for each subject of CBSE Class 12 board exams. Read more..

CBSE Class 12 Videos – We have provided here subject based video tutorials mentioning concepts for CBSE class 12 exams as well as preparation strategies for important topics. These video tutorials will provide students concept clarity with effective learning tips for exams. Check out all videos here

CBSE Class 11

Students who step in to class 11th after choosing a stream i.e. Science/Commerce/Arts or Humanities get completely different syllabus for stream-wise subjects. Here we are providing CBSE class 11 students study material for their streams.

CBSE Class 11 Syllabus –

Students of class 11 can get here latest updated syllabus for each subject including physics, chemistry, biology, geography, political science, history, English, Hindi, computer science, accountancy, business studies etc. Check here complete syllabus for Class 11.

CBSE Class 11 Papers –

The students can get here stream-wise sample question papers for class 11. These question papers will provide an overview to the students about the paper pattern, types of questions, important chapters and solutions. These question papers are provided on each concept so that students can prepare well. Download here CBSE Class 11 practice papers

CBSE Class 11 Study Material –

Class 11 students can check here study material as per their stream i.e. Commerce, Science and Arts/Humanities. Check out study material for CBSE class 11 –

  • Chapter Notes – The chapter notes have been provided for each subject of class 11. These chapter notes will be helpful for students in exam preparations as these are based on the syllabus of class 11 subjects and include every concept from the books. Read more..
  • NCERT Books – Here students can get concepts from NCERT books for each subject. As the concepts in NCERT books are completely based on CBSE syllabus. Check here for NCERT Books exemplars.
  • NCERT Solutions – Students can get here subject-wise solutions for CBSE Class 11 for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. These solutions exemplars are based on NCERT books. Read more..

CBSE Class 11 Videos – The video section provides video tutorials for study tips, chapter notes, important topics as well as exam preparation tips from our experts. CBSE class 11 students can visit this section for video tutorials as well as tips and tricks for important topics from each subject. Check here CBSE Class 11 videos.

CBSE Class 10

CBSE Class 10 Papers – The papers for CBSE Class 10 are provided here for students to practice for their upcoming exams. They can get here the mock test papers as well as official sample papers and question papers as released by CBSE itself. Check below -

Mock Test Papers

The mock test paper for CBSE Class 10 includes Guess papers, practice papers as well as online test series for all subjects. Students can download the mock test papers to prepare for their upcoming exams and, with regular practice students will be able to improve their scores in the exams.

Click here to download and practice mock test papers for CBSE Class 10

Papers by CBSE

Every year CBSE releases question papers as well as sample papers based on Class 10th syllabus. Students can download these official papers to practice for their Class 10th board exams.

  • Question papers – The question papers for all subjects from previous years so that students can get to know about examination scheme, type of questions and prepare a strategy for their examinations accordingly. Also, the question papers will be helpful in assuming the important topics from the syllabus. Read more..
  • Sample papers – CBSE also provides official sample papers for Class 10th board exams as the students appearing for the exams need to prepare according to the exam pattern and syllabus prescribed by CBSE only. Read more..

Syllabus – The exam board releases revised syllabus for each subject of class 10. The latest syllabus for class 10 includes the topics and student need to learn these throughout the year and the question papers of each subject are based on this syllabus only.Read more..

Exam Pattern – Every year, CBSE introduces some changes in the examination scheme of Class 10 board exams, therefore it is essential for the students to know about the latest exam pattern for each subject. The latest exam pattern of Class 10 will be helpful in knowing about type of questions, weightage and especially the marking scheme. Read more..

  • Tips and Strategies – Class 10 students appearing for the CBSE board exams need to know about tips and tricks to overcome their exam fear, stress and doubts to excel in the exams. With the tips and strategies provided here by experts as well as past years’ toppers, students can get an idea for how to attempt their upcoming examinations. Read more..
  • NCERT Books – The NCERT books content is based on syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Students are advised by experts to refer NCERT books for exam preparation of subjects like Science and Mathematics. Here we have provided class 10 students all the exemplars from NCERT books. Read more..
  • NCERT Solutions – Here students can get solutions for concepts from NCERT books. These NCERT solutions for Class 10 are provided in depth and are explained well so that students can understand any concept easily. Read more..
  • Videos – For a better understanding of students, here we have provided video tutorials for class 10th subjects so that they can understand the topics well enough. Sometimes, students cannot understand a concept through notes but with video tutorials every concept is explained in detail. Check out video tutorial for every subject of CBSE Class 10th.

CBSE Class 9

Tips and Strategies –

Every subject has different syllabus therefore, students need to know different strategies as per the concepts of the subject. For example, in case of practical problems or Numerical questions students need to know about formulae, the implementation, complete method and obtaining the solution; for theory based question, students need to develop techniques like mind mapping, short notes/pointers or quizzes for learning the theories. Read more..

  • NCERT Books – The NCERT books based on CBSE syllabus have concepts that are much easier to understand because the language of the examples, formulae as well as solutions is of student level. Read more..
  • NCERT Solutions – Here class 9 students can get NCERT notes on concepts like Probability, Surface Area, Sound, Atoms and Molecules, Circles, Natural Resources etc. CBSE Class 9 students can get their doubts clarified about any concept they find difficulty in with these solutions. Read more..
  • Chapter Notes – The students of Class 9 can get here short notes on every chapter of subjects like Science, Mathematics, etc. These chapter notes are available for every unit of the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Read more..
  • Videos – The video tutorials are available here for tough concepts of CBSE Class 9 subjects. Students must get their concepts clarified whenever they find a problem because it will be easier for them to learn in class 10th as well because class 9 and class 10 syllabus is correlated. Therefore,  Check out the CBSE Class 9 videos for every subject and get your doubts clarified about any concept.

Syllabus –

We have provided here updated syllabus for every subject of Class 9th as students should know the concepts and they should be able to identify important topics/units for examination after analysing it with past years’ question papers. Read more..

Exam Pattern –

CBSE has defined an exam pattern for each subject of Class 9th and these paper patterns have been followed by the board for annual examination over the years. However, CBSE makes slight changes every year in some or each subject therefore, students should be aware about the changes made in the exam pattern of CBSE Class 9th. Read more..

Papers –

Students can get here all kinds of papers that are required for Class 9 subjects including guess papers, sample papers, previous year question papers etc. Students can click  on the links provided below for class 9 papers of CBSE.

Guess papers - Students can find here guess papers which are available for every subject and prepared subject expert by analysing the past years' question papers and latest syllabus. These guess papers for class 9 will be helpful in the preparation of a subject as well as for student's self-evaluation. Click here for Guess Papers.

Online test series - The students can practice with online test series providing them a platform to test their speed and accuracy for any subject. These online test series for CBSE Class 9 are available in a quiz format and students can login with their e-mail id to participate. Click here for CBSE Class 9 Online Test Series

Practice papers - Here students can find practice papers for every subject of CBSE Class 9. These practice papers are of Summative Assesment (SA) type and are available in different sets for every subject. Students can also get solutions for these practice papers so that they can know the correct methods to attempt questions from a concept. Click here for Class 9 Practice Papers

Previous years question papers -The students can get previous years' question papers for every subject of CBSE class 9. These question papers will be helpful to know about the actual format of the exam including type of question, marking scheme, difficulty level as well as important instructions for the test paper. Click here for CBSE Class 9 Previous Years’ Question Papers

Sample papers - The sample papers for CBSE Class 9 are based on concepts from the syllabus of every subject. These sample papers are available in question paper format only and students can download it to practice well before the examinations. To excel in any exam, it is necessary for them to practice as many as question papers as it will be helpful in maintaining their preparation. Click here for Class 9 Sample Papers.

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