CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Sample Paper for Board Exam 2019

In this article you will get the CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Sample Paper for upcoming board exam 2019.  This paper has been prepared as per the latest examination pattern and covers the whole syllabus of class 10 Science. All the questions given in this paper are very important from exam point of view.

CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Sample Paper
CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Sample Paper

Sample paper is considered as an important resource as it helps to take an insight of the real question paper and offers the exam writing experience which boosts a student’s confidence to perform well in the exams.

We at Jagranjosh, bring here the CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Sample Paper which is exclusively prepared by the subject experts after the brief analysis of previous year question papers and the latest examination pattern. The paper has been designed following the exact format that employed in the latest class 10 Science sample paper released by CBSE for board exam 2019. This sample paper consists of questions picked from most important topics of CBSE class 10 Science.

Some significant features of this paper are:

  • Covers the whole syllabus of CBSE class 10 Science.
  • Follows the latest examination pattern for class 10 Science board exam 2019.
  • Each question has been provided with an apt and easy solution.
  • Questions have been asked from only those topics which are important from exam point of view.

Practicing this paper will help the students in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied in order to prepare for the board exam more effectively and achieve the desired results.

CBSE Class 10 Science Previous Years Solved Question Papers

Structure of this paper is as below:

  • The question paper comprises of five sections – A, B, C, D and E.
  • Question numbers 1 and 2 in Section-A are one mark questions. They are to be answered in one word or in one sentence.
  • Question numbers 3 to 5 in Section- B are two marks questions. These are to be answered in about 30 words each.
  • Question numbers 6 to 15 in Section-C are three marks questions. These are to be answered in about 50 words each.
  • Question numbers 16 to 21 in Section-D are 5 marks questions. These are to be answered in 70 words each.
  • Question numbers 22 to 27 in Section- E are based on practical skills. Each question is a two marks question.
  • Total Marks: 80
  • Maximum Time: 3 hours

This CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper will not only help students to acquaint with the important topics of Science but will also give them a preview of the question paper which they will be solving in the class 10 Science board exam 2019.

CBSE Class 10 Important Biology Diagrams for Board Exam 2019

Some sample questions and their solutions from the CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Sample Paper 2019 are given below:

Q. Name the component of white light that has the greatest wavelength.


Among all seven components of white light, red colour has the greatest wavelength.

Q. Which natural resources are called biodiversity hotspots? How do they maintain ecological balance? 


Due to presence of a large number of plants and animals, forests are said to be bio diversity hot spots.

Forests help in maintaining ecological balance between various natural resources such as soil, water, air, wildlife, etc. for the following reasons:

  • Provide habitat for the various living organisms.
  • Maintain water cycle
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Help in maintenance of Food chain
  • Regulate temperature

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Q. (a) A mixture of ethyne and pure oxygen is used for welding instead of using a mixture of ethyne and air. Why?

(b) Why pure acetic acid is called glacial acetic acid?


(a) Ethyne is an unsaturated carbon compound. It burns in air with a sooty flame. It’s an incomplete combustion since the oxygen available from air is not enough to burn the carbon completely. Therefore, for complete combustion pure oxygen is required, which burns Carbon and Hydrogen completely producing a very hot and clean flame apt for welding. It is not possible to generate such a high temperature without pure oxygen.

(b) The Freezing point of pure acetic acid is very high. It freezes into a solid at a temperature very close to room temperature: 16.5 ºC, or 62 ºF. Hence, during winters it gets frozen due to cold climate and appears like an ice. That is why pure acetic acid is called glacial acetic acid.

Q.  (a) What is astigmatism? How is it caused? How can it be corrected?

(b) A person is unable to see both far as well as near objects. What is the defect he is suffering from? What could be the reason for this defect? What type of spectacles should be worn by him to correct his vision.


(a) Astigmatism: The defect by which the person is not able to differentiate horizontal and vertical position, is called astigmatism.

Causes of Astigmatism:
Astigmatism is caused by an unevenly shaped cornea. The uneven shape causes the rays of light to focus on two points on the retina, causing distortion and blurring of images.

Correction of astigmatism:

This defect of vision can be rectified by using cylindrical lenses. 

(b) The defect of eye in which a person is unable to see both far as well as near objects clearly is called presbyopia.

Causes of presbyopia:

This defect of vision commonly occurs to old people because of the following reasons:

  • Weakening of the ciliary muscles
  • Reduction in the flexibility of the eye lens

Correction of presbyopia:

This type of defect can be corrected by using spectacles having bi-focal lenses in which upper part consists of a concave lens to correct myopia (shortsightedness) used for distant visions and the lower part consists of a convex lens to correct hypermetropia (long sightedness) sused for reading purposes.

To get the complete sample paper, click on the following link:

CBSE Class 10 Science Solved Sample Paper 2019

This year CBSE Class 10 Science exam is scheduled to be held on 13 March 2019. In order to acquaint with the question paper design and the type of questions to be asked in the board exam 2019, students must solve the CBSE sample paper provided here.

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