CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Exam 2020: Check Important Question from Chapter 2 of Geography (Forest & Wildlife Resources)

Go through this article to read important Questions and answers from Chapter 2 of Geography textbook for CBSE Class 12th Social Science Board Exam 2020.

Important Question from Chapter 2 of Geography (Forest & Wildlife Resources)
Important Question from Chapter 2 of Geography (Forest & Wildlife Resources)

CBSE is conducting the board exam for Social Science subject on March 18, 2020. Students appearing for the exam can revise the important questions and answers of each chapter of Geography with our chapter-wise curated articles separately for MCQs and Long answers. In this article, you can check the important questions from Chapter 2 of Geography textbook and check links for other chapters and subjects as well.

 Ques 1 What is biodiversity?

Ans: Biodiversity or Biological Diversity is immensely rich in wildlife and cultivated species, diverse in form and function but closely integrated in a system through multiple network of interdependencies

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Ques 2 What are endangered species?

Ans: species which are in danger of extinction. The survival of such species is difficult if the negative factors that have led to a decline in their population continue to operate. The examples of such species are black buck, crocodile, Indian wild ass, Indian rhino,etc.

Ques 3 What are endemic species. Give some examples of such species.

Ans: These are species which are only found in some particular areas usually isolated by natural or geographical barriers. Examples of such species are the Andaman teal, Nicobar pigeon, Andaman wild pig, mithun in Arunchal Pradesh.

Ques 4 What are the negative factors that cause such fearful depletion of the flora and fauna? 

Ans: - agricultural expansion

- resource obtaining directly and indirectly from the forests and wildlife

- Deforestation

- Shifting Agriculture

- Large-scale development projects

- grazing and fuel-wood collection etc.

Ques 5 Explain the types of forests.

Ans: Reserved Forests: More than half of the total forest land has been declared reserved forests. Reserved forests are regarded as the most valuable as far as the conservation of forest and wildlife resources are concerned

Protected Forests: Almost one-third of the total forest area is protected forest, as declared by the Forest Department. This forest land are protected from any further depletion.

Unclassed Forests: These are other forests and wastelands belonging to both government and private individuals and communities

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Ques 6 Chipko Movement was related to ______

Ans: Deforestation

Ques 7 Metuon some factors that led to decline of India’s biodiversity

Ans: - Habitat destruction

- hunting

- poaching

- over-exploitation

- environmental pollution

- poisoning

- forest fires

Ques 8 What are the categories of existing plants and animal species.

Ans: Based on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), we can classify as follows–

- Normal Species

- Endangered Species

- Vulnerable Species

- Rare Species

- Endemic Species

- Extinct Species

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Ques 9 What is the total forest covered area in India?

Ans: 637,293 sq km, which is 19.39 per cent of the total geographical area.

Ques 10 What is the situation of Asian Cheetah population in the current world scenario?

Ans: Today, the Asian cheetah is nearly extinct due to a decline of available habitat and prey. The species was declared extinct in India long back in 1952.

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