CBSE Class 12 Physics 2017 Sample Paper

Download CBSE sample paper for class 12 Physics 2017 in PDF format. Hints (or marking scheme) of this sample paper are also available in this article.

Created On: Dec 19, 2016 12:45 IST

CBSE sample paper for class 12 Physics 2017 is available for download in PDF format. With this article students can download the complete sample paper for class 12 Physics 2017 along with hints or marking scheme.

About CBSE Class 12 Physics 2017 Sample Paper

Every year, few months before CBSE board exams, the board releases sample paper for class 12 & class 10. With the help of these CBSE sample papers, students get ideas about the latest CBSE examination pattern and the level of questions which are to be asked in CBSE board exams. The board has now released the sample paper for class 12 Physics exam 2017 along with other subjects. This CBSE sample paper is very important for the coming CBSE Class 12 Physics board exam 2017.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Physics: 2017

Inside CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 Physics 2017:

In this sample paper, there are

Five section. A, B, C, D and E

Section A has Question numbers 1 to 5

Section B has Question numbers 6 to 10

Section C has Question numbers 11 to 22

Section D has Question number 23

Section E has Question numbers 24 to 26

All the questions given in the paper must be attempted within 3 hours of duration. There is no overall choice in the question paper. However, internal choices have been provided in some questions.

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 Maths 2017

Some Sample Question from Class 12 Physics sample paper are given below

Question: Represent graphically the variation of electric field with distance, for a uniformly charged plane sheet.

Question: Draw a graph to show a variation of resistance of a metal wire as a function of its diameter keeping its length and material constant.

Question: A rod of length L, along East-West direction is dropped from a height H. If B be the magnetic field due to earth at that place and angle of dip is θ, then what is the magnitude of induced emf across two ends of the rod when the rod reaches the earth?

Question: Two polaroids are placed with their optic axis perpendicular to each other. One of them is rotated through 45°, find the intensity of light emerging from the second polaroid if I0 is the intensity of unpolarised light?

Question: With the help of a block diagram, show the basic constituents of the communication system.

Question: Two wires A and B of the same material and having same length, have their cross sectional areas in the ratio 1:6. Find the ratio of heat produced in these wires when same voltage is applied across each?

Question: The focal length of a convex lens made of glass is 20 cm. Calculate its new focal length when placed in a medium of refractive index 1.25?

Question: An ∝ -particle and a proton are accelerated through the same potential difference. Find the ratio of linear momenta acquired by the two.


Questions of CBSE sample paper for class 12 Physics 2017

Hints and Marking Scheme of CBSE sample paper for class 12 Physics 2017

Questions and Marking Scheme of CBSE sample paper for class 12 Physics 2017

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