CBSE Class 9 German Syllabus 2020-2021: Download in PDF

Check CBSE Class 9 German Syllabus for the new academic session, 2020-2021. Download the full syllabus in PDF here.

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CBSE Class 9 German Syllabus 2020-2021
CBSE Class 9 German Syllabus 2020-2021

CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 German 2020-2021 is provided here to download in PDF. This is the CBSE curriculum released by the board for the new academic session. Students must check this syllabus as they start the studies of German in class 9. CBSE syllabus has all the details of lessons to be studied in Class 9 German. The scheme for internal assessment and annual examinations is also discussed in detail here. Therefore, go through the complete syllabus for planning effective study plans and excel in the subject.

Check below the CBSE Class 9 German Syllabus 2020-2021:





Situation/ Topic

Speech intention


Lesson 1


• To talk about future plans

• To allocate responsibilities

• To give a suggestion

• To accept and decline a proposal

• Subordinate clause “wenn” “zu”+ Infinitive

• “brauchen” +…+ “zu” +Infinitive

• Preposition of time “während”+ Genitive

Lesson 2

Shopping and consumption

• To follow a timeline and describe an event

• To give reasons for one’s actions and decisions

• Subordinate clause “um…zu”

• Subordinate clause “damit”

Lesson 3

Feelings and relationships

• To ask for someone’s opinion and give one’s own opinion

• To agree or disagree

• To talk about what one would do in a particular situation

• Question word “Wo(r)”+ Preposition

• Pronouns “da(r)”+ Preposition

• Subjunctive II: “würde”+Infinitive

• Articles and Nouns in Genitive

Lesson 4

Hamburg: A city tour

• To give a suggestion

• To give chronological sequence of events

• To talk about activities happening simultaneously

• Subjunctive II: “sollen”

• Subordinate clauses of time

     ▪ “während”

     ▪ “bevor”

Lesson 5

Relationships and conflicts

• To give reasons

• To express likes and dislikes

• To lay down restrictions

• Causal preposition “wegen”+Genitive

• Double barrel conjunction: “zwar…aber”

• Relative clause: relative pronouns in Nominative, Accusative and Dative

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Assessment Scheme for Class IX 2020-21

Annual Examination                   Max. Marks 80

Section A-Reading (20 marks)

1. Comprehension (unseen passage)

10 marks

2. Comprehension (unseen passage)

10 marks

Section B –Writing (15 marks)

3. Based on stimulus, compose an E-Mail (30-40 words)

8 marks

4. Based on stimulus, compose a dialogue

7 marks

Section C – Applied Grammar (35 marks)

5. Fixed prepositions with verbs  

6 marks

6. Separable verbs

6 marks

7. Subordinate clauses (um…zu, wӓhrend, bevor, zwar…aber, wenn)


8. Subjunctive (Konjunktiv II)

6 marks

9. Article and nouns in Genitive

5 marks

10. Relative pronouns (Nominative, Accusative and Dative)

6 marks

Section D -Textbook (10 marks)

11. Completing a seen passage with the vocabulary provided

5 marks

12. Comprehension (seen)

5 marks

Internal Assessment, Class IX

(Total weightage out of 20)

1. Periodic tests, dictations


2. Listening comprehensions - 5/20


3. Speaking activities – role play, presentations, recitation…

(could be conducted as individual or group activity)


4. Regularity and quality of classwork & homework



Beste Freunde B 1.1 (Lessons 1-5) 2018

(Hueber Publications, Published in India by Goyal Publishers)


Team Deutsch 2/1

Planet 2

Ping Pong 2                                    

Wir 3

DVD- Wir Live

Langenscheidt Euro Dictionary

K.M. Sharma; German-Hindi/ Hindi- German Dictionary.

Rachna Publishing House

You can also download the full syllabus from the following link:

Download CBSE Class 9 German Syllabus 2020-2021 in PDF


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