CBSE gets more Pertinent with Supplementary Subjects

Find news on CBSE’s recent changes made in its set of course for the Supplementary Papers

Created On: Apr 5, 2014 17:20 IST

CBSE has kicked off numerous changes in its set of courses by setting up discretionary subjects like information science and library, human rights, creative writing, gender studies & Mandarin, among others from the new academic year in April, 2014.
The board has settled on to upload the finest written answer sheets of board exams for standards 10th and 12th on its web portal before the results are acknowledged, as model answers for orientation to students. Prior to that, the board, showing environmental apprehensions had banned leather shoes in CBSE schools & as an alternative encouraged use of canvas shoes.

Sadhana Parashar, director (research, academic, innovation and training), CBSE board, in her latest circular to the schools, stated: "To furnish to the assorted needs of students in a globalised world, Central Board of Secondary Education will proffer a variety of subject alternative at the senior secondary and secondary level. In view of the fact that Mandarin is spoken by a hefty population of the world, CBSE will proffer Chinese in class 6th from April 2014. Schools longing for introducing this language in class 6th from the academic session 2014 - 15 are called to send their option to the board."

Sadhana Parashar also stated, "Bearing in mind the characteristic role played by libraries in allocating the needs of teachers, students, various researchers and professionals, the CBSE board has decided to bring in 'library and information science', gender studies, law, human rights among additional subjects as an academic elective at senior secondary rank from academic year 2014 - 15 on steer basis in some selected schools."

The CBSE board will upload quality answer sheets on its online portal so that the students can comprehend the examiner's vision & find answers that have acquired maximum marks. A similar effort was made in the year 2008 when they uploaded the answer sheets of students who had attained full marks. In this session, they will upload the answer sheet of standard 10th and 12th students who have acted upon well, even if they do not feature in the toppers' directory.

Introducing more subject alternatives is a superior idea from the students' viewpoint as they will get more preferences for elective subjects. Nevertheless, for schools, it may not be a favorable scheme as they will have to appoint specialized teachers & other logistical support. On the other hand, it is up to schools to come to a decision & if the school has the resource, then it is a good idea to espouse," said Binita Poonekar, principal, Army Public School.

Resham Shah, a student of standard 9th, said "It is a good proposal by CBSE as we will know what went erroneous & where there is compass for upgrading. It will give a viewpoint on how students across the country endeavor questions & how they keep a tally of full marks."


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