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CMAT Quantitative Aptitude Practice Questions Set-4

Dec 29, 2015 17:10 IST

    CMAT Quantitative Aptitude Practice questions Set-4: This practice set has 10 questions with their answers covering topics from the areas of Quantitative Aptitude. This Practice set includes the Questions as per the CMAT Exam pattern and syllabus.

    1. 9 litres of milk are drawn and replaced with water from a cask full of pure milk and the operation is repeated three more times. If the ratio of milk and water left in the cask are now 16:65, how much milk was originally held by the cask?

    a) 18 litres

    b) 24 litres

    c)  27litres

    d) 42 litres

    2. In an obtuse angled ∆ABC,∠A is the obtuse angle and O is the orthocenter. If ∠BOC=54° then ∠BAC is

    a) 108°

    b) 126°

    c) 136°

    d) 116°

    3. In a group of boys and girls, if 15 girls left the group, the ratio of boys is to girls becomes 2:1. After some time 45 boys also left the group, then the ratio of boys to girls is 1:5. What is the number of girls in the beginning?

    a) 20

    b) 30

    c) 40

    d) 50

    4. Cost price of two laptops is same. One is sold at a profit of 15% and the other for Rs. 5200 more than the first. If the net profit is 20%. Find the cost price of each laptop:

    a) Rs. 52000

    b) Rs. 54000

    c) Rs. 36000

    d) Rs. 42500

    5. The value of 1/(3+1/(3+ 1/(3-1/3))) is:

    a) 26/89

    b) 27/89

    c) 28/89

    d) 25/89

    6. Probability that Saurabh passes in mathematics is 2/3 and the probability that he passes in English is 4/9. If the probability of passing both courses is 1/4, then the probability that Saurabh will pass in at least one of these subjects is:

    a) 31/36

    b) 32/36

    c) 12/36

    d) None of these

    7. A hollow iron pipe is 28 cm long and its external diameter is 14 cm. If the thickness of the pipe is 2 cm and iron weighs 9 gms/cm3 , then the weight of the pipe is:

    a) 26.56 kg

    b) 21.65 kg

    c) 28.11 kg

    d) 23.76 kg

    8. A sum becomes 3 times in 14.5 years, then in how many years the same sum will become 27 times if it is kept at compound interest?

    a) 35 years

    b) 43.5 years

    c) 62.5 years

    d) 70 years

    Directions (9 -10): Study the table below and answer the questions given below:

    Production of Fertilizers by A Company (in 10000 tonnes) Over the Years

    (Does not match with the figure’s data)

    9. What was the percentage decline in the production of fertilizers from 1997 to 1998?

    a) 33(1/3)%

    b) 20%

    c) 25%

    d) 21%

    10. The average production of 1996 and 1997 was exactly equal to the average production of which of the following pairs of years?

    a) 2000 and 2001

    b) 1999 and 2000

    c) 1998 and 2000

    d) 1995 and 2001

    Question Answer
    1. c
    2. b
    3. c
    4. a
    5. b
    6. a
    7. d
    8. b
    9. c
    10. d

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