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CMAT Quantitative Aptitude Practice Questions Set-5

Jan 5, 2016 12:30 IST

    CMAT Quantitative Aptitude Practice questions Set-5: This practice set has 10 questions with their answers covering topics from the areas of Quantitative Aptitude. This Practice set includes the Questions as per the CMAT Exam pattern and syllabus.

    1. The income of A, B and C are in the ratio 7: 9: 12 and their expenditure are in the ratio 8 : 9 : 15. If A saves  1/4 of his income. Find the ratio of savings of A, B and C.

    (a) 56 : 99 : 69

    (b) 69 : 56 : 99

    (c) 99 : 56 : 69

    (d) 99 : 69 : 56


    (a) 45

    (b) 25

    (c) 20

    (d) 35

    3. Two candidates participate in election. 10% votes did not cast their vote and 20% votes found invalid. Winner candidate got 75% of the valid votes and won by 7200 votes. Find

    the total number of votes?

    (a) 27750

    (b) 26500

    (c) 30,000

    (d) 29000

    4. The profit earned when a calculator is sold for 1600 is 20 times the loss incurred when it is sold for Rs. 550. At what price should the calculator be sold if it is desired to make a

    profit of 25%?

    (a) 800

    (b) 900

    (c) 650

    (d) 750

    5. If x/3=y/5=z/8  then what is (x+y+z)/z

    (a) 3.15

    (b) 5.25

    (c) 4.5

    (d) 2

    6. If the dice are thrown simultaneously then the probability of sum appearing on the dice is equal to and  less than 3?

    (a) 5/11

    (b) 6/13

    (c) 1/36

    (d) 1/12

    7. A sphere of radius 12 cm is dropped into a cylindrical vessel partly filled with water. The radius of the vessel is 16 cm. If the sphere is submerged completely, then the surface of

    the water rises by:

    (a) 7 cms

    (b) 8 cms

    (c) 9 cms

    (d) 10 cms

    8. If Rohan goes to the office from his house at a speed of 16 km/h, he reaches the office 5 minutes late. If he goes at a speed of 20 km/h, he reaches 10 minutes earlier than

    the office time. The distance of his office from his house is?

    (a) 22 km

    (b) 20 km

    (c) 18 km

    (d) 16 km

    Directions (9 -10): Study the table below and answer the questions given below:

                                                (Expenditure and Income in Crores)

    9. What is the percentage profit/loss put together by companies 1 and 7? (M)

    (a) 10% loss

    (b) 12.5% profit

    (c) 14% profit

    (d) No profit or loss

    10. If the income of Company 2 has increased 10% from the previous year and if the profit earned is 15% in the previous year what was its expenditure then? (H)

    (a) 18.96 Crores

    (b) 14.22 Crores

    (c) 15.29 Crores

    (d) 14.28 Crores


    Question Answer
    1. a
    2. c
    3. c
    4. d
    5. d
    6. d
    7. c
    8. b
    9. d
    10. a


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