Difficulties That Interns often face at Office

Newbies who are very new to professional life often get red faced coming across challenges and difficulties. Here, we’re enlisting some of them that you may face during internship.

Difficulties That Interns often face at Office
Difficulties That Interns often face at Office

The new and unexpected challenges, difficulties, and problems might compel you to leave your internship. It may happen on first day or after a month from your joining. But, it’ll definitely happen if you don’t have any idea of the same.

To know what the difficulties, problems, and challenges you might face after the commencement of your internship in an organisation, go through the article where we have enlisted some of them.

Working Hours

You may feel that you are unable to learn as much as you would expect. This may happen due to shortage of working hours. Following this, you may become incompetent to meet your daily challenges during your professional career. On another hand, the extended working hours might bother you if you want to join office during pre-decided hours. 

Work, Tasks and Projects To Keep You Learning 

Newbies who aren’t assigned enough works during their internship often fail to perform as a professional.  This happens, especially when their skills are left underutilised by the organisation. Sometimes, the interns are treated as an experienced professional and are asked to accomplish so many tasks. Though, this gives a chance to intern to polish and sharp their skills but sometimes it may become burdensome, lengthy, and bothering.

Reimbursement For Transportation And Lunch

Sometimes, It becomes very hard and struggling situation, especially for those who don’t belong from well to do family.  Remaining unreimbursed for transportation and lunch, they often fail to continue their internship. Asking for compensation directly to your boss may be scary for you. But, you can claim your expenses through your expense report if you’re promised for the same during your selection for the internship. 

Scared Of Asking Any Question

Interns who are very new to the office culture often fear to ask anything to their seniors. It becomes more worse when there is influx of heavy work. And they fail to perform well due to confusion on the part of work, task, and projects. Suppose, you’re assigned to a project and you are confused any content of the project. You’ll definitely fail to accomplish the task or project well. 

Your Work Remain unused

You are assigned to project that you, enthusiastically, accomplish using your college education and past experiences. But, the organisation doesn’t use your work. This indirectly communicates that your work wasn’t necessary. It’ll not only waste your efforts and time, but also discourage you and make you less motivated. 

No Feedback On How Your Performance Is Going

Am I performing well? Is this right way to work? Have I done the project? What more I need work on? These questions are necessary to be answered especially in case of interns and students. The student   

Competition With Other Interns

The environment of office is different from each other. Some may have collaborative environment. Some may have competitive. It happens especially in the case of interns who always prompt to reflect their potential to get the job. Most of the intern learn lot things, work efficiently, and complete their projects when they work in collaborative environment. But, it becomes stressful, bothering, and pressure creating when they have to learn things in competitive environment.    

A New Lifestyle

There is no burden, no responsibilities, and no work pressure in college days. Students enjoy this life style. After college days are over, students join offices, organisations, and companies as an intern to get job. It’s their very first introduction to the real world where they have to perform. For this, they have to get up early in the morning, join office at scheduled time, and make preparations for the project they are assigned to. Going by all these, they have to struggle a lot to live up with this new life style.


After college days are over, the students join different companies, organisations, and offices as an Intern. The environment of offices, organisations, and companies is different from each other. As an intern, they have to work in different challenges, goals and work cultures. It’s been very new to them. At initial days, most of the interns get nervous working in such an unfriendly environment and couldn’t continue their internships while some couldn’t perform as per their ability. But, it becomes easy and manageable when they already know the challenges, difficulties and problems they are about to face. To get all of them acquainted with the challenges, difficulties, and problems of new life, we have enlisted some them.

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