Electromagnetic induction (part-1)

The magnetic flux through a surface of area A placed in a uniform magnetic field B. Faraday’s laws of induction imply that the emf induced in a coil of N turns is directly related to the rate of change of flux through it

Feb 2, 2013 15:20 IST
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Electromagnetic induction (part-1)
Electromagnetic induction (part-1)

What is the importance of Magnetic Flux in the chapter Electromagnetic induction? What is the Dimensional formula of Magnetic Flux? How to calculate magnetic flux though a closed surface? What is the Magnetic Flux through a Magnetic coil in Electromagnetic induction?

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Faraday’s great insight lay in discovering a simple mathematical relation to explain the series of experiments he carried out on electromagnetic induction. However, before we state and appreciate his laws, we must get familiar with the notion of magnetic flux. Number of Magnetic field lines passing though the surface normally is known as Magnetic Flux.

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