Electromagnetic waves (part-1)

Maxwell found an inconsistency in the Ampere’s law and suggested the existence of an additional current, called displacement current, to remove this inconsistency. This displacement current is due to time-varying electric field acts as a source of magnetic field in exactly the same way as conduction current.

Feb 5, 2013 15:55 IST
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Electromagnetic waves (part-1)
Electromagnetic waves (part-1)

Can changing electric filed produce magnetic field? What is displacement current? Explain electromagnetic waves and its properties. What are the uses of electromagnetic waves? Are electromagnetic waves transverse?

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Change in magnetic flux produces electric filed. Change in electric filed also produces magnetic field. Due to change in electric filed and electric flux, current flows between the capacitor which is called displacement current. Maxwell gave the concept of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves consist of electric field and magnetic field. All travel in vacuum and with the speed of light. Nature of light wave is transverse.

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