Electrostatics and Electric Current: Quick Revision of Formulae for IIT JEE, UPSEE & WBJEE

Find unit wise formulas for quick revision. In this article find important formulas from Electrostatics and Electric Current

Dec 14, 2016 17:32 IST

When exams are round the corner then it is not possible to revise complete books so we have come up with unit wise formulas and important terms. Once you have gone through chapters thoroughly and understood it well there is no need to study it again and again. You can only revise important formulas and terms which will save your precious time.

In this regard find Electrostatics and Electric Current important Formulas for Quick Revision. These formulae will be helpful in various engineering entrance examinations such as IIT JEE, UPSEE, WBJEE etc.

In UPSEE and WBJEE where most of questions are asked directly on formulae, this quick revision note is very important.

Coulomb's law gives relation between magnitude of electrostatic force of interaction and distance between them. In engineering entrance exams questions are frequently asked from the topics- Coulomb's law, Electric Field and Electtic Potential.

With the definition of electric potential given above we have deduced the formula of potential due to a point charge.

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These formulae for electric field strength and potential are very handy during examination. You need not to derive them each time. Mug up these formulae because they are commonly asked in examination. In fact some straight forward questions are asked in UPSEE and WBJEE from these formulae.

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Electric flux is the total number of electric field lines passing through a given surface. Mathematical formula for this has been explained above. Electric dipole is a separation of positive and negative charges. The formula for this is given above. Also, the formula of its magnitude at different location is given above.

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