Feminism to fashion: Things you will know if you have studied in women's college

Studying in women's college can be a life changing experience and here are a few things only a girl who has studied there will understand.

Created On: Mar 6, 2018 09:21 IST
Things you will know if you have studied in women's college
Things you will know if you have studied in women's college

The prospect of studying in a women's college seems dreadful, especially to girls who have studied in a co-ed school. And why should it not? Guys are fun to hang out with and provide an altogether different perspective. However, it's only when you have spent a considerable time at a girl's college that you realize that the place is not even half as bad as you thought it would be. In fact, it contributes to your personality in innumerable ways. Here are some things you will relate to only if you have studied in a girl's college.

There are girls EVERYWHERE

This one is obvious. It is a women's college so the number of men in the campus is limited to a very small count and that feels strange in the beginning. However, you soon get used to this and are even thankful because you don't have to deal with stalking and lurking at least inside the college. The problems at a girls' college are totally different from a co-ed one. There are no classroom romances and there is no need (or scope) of establishing an image to get male attention.

You can wear near about anything to the college

In the absence of the opposite gender, the dressing becomes casual, to the extent that some of your hostel mates even come to the class in clothes they slept in, at night. It is hard to not let this attitude not affect you. After all, how cool is going to the class in pyjamas! The hassle of looking presentable becomes optional. You do it if you want to, you don't if you don't want to.

Boys coming to college is a big deal

As much as you like the environment in a girls' college, it is only normal to crave the presence of guys. It is mostly during the fests etc that guys visit the campus and that time is one of the most exciting times of the year and slightly unusual as well. While some girls enjoy these occasions, others want it to end soon because everyone around them has been behaving so strange.

You realize that it is easy to be competitive without being nasty

You meet the most amazing women in college and that changes the way you look at things. The girls in the college are opinionated, smart and want to achieve big things in life but while they do that, they do not aim to bring anyone down in any way. These are the kind of girls you look up to for inspiration and they are the ones who give you an insight into things like feminism and independence. All in all, the experience is valuable and irreplaceable at the same time.

You have a solution for everything

Girls learn and start enjoying the process of solving problems on their own. Things for which they earlier used to approach parents or siblings are now their own responsibility but they are not alone in this journey. The girls are all about helping each other out and sharing the experience for benefit of others. Soon enough, problem solving becomes a big part of their personality which comes in quite handy at all stages of later life. College also teaches you self-sufficiency in other ways as well. You are preparing a play which has male characters? No problem at all. Girls learn to do these roles themselves so the dependency on the opposite gender reduces considerably.

Your fashion sense changes for good

With so many fashionable women around, you learn more things about styling and grooming. You start taking better care of yourself after seeing others do the same. And what's better? You do it just for yourself and not to impress anyone. This attitude changes everything and builds your confidence as you realize you don't need to do anything for anyone. Events like freshers and farewell require insane amount of preparation because you want to look your absolute best because stakes are going to be very high.

Dieting is less common a phenomena than you thought

When you see the endless lines and crowd in the canteen, you realize that dieting is not that popular amongst girls, after all. Even the stalls outside the college are packed at all hours which leaves you wondering about the stereotypes about women which claim that they will give up on anything to lose weight.


Men have their own place in our lives but it's only after studying in a girls' college that you realize so many things you did not have the perspective about, before. You learn about new things you are capable of doing which makes everything so special. The experiences gained and the friends made here last you a lifetime. Liked this article? Please visit, https://www.jagranjosh.com/college for more such articles on college campus life.

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