Helpful health tips for college students

Life in college can be challenging and stressful. Follow these tips to ensure that your body is healthy and ready to face these them.

Created On: Nov 22, 2019 13:25 IST
Helpful Health Tips for Indian College Students
Helpful Health Tips for Indian College Students

'College life' as much fun as it sounds from outside it is as stressful and hectic when you are actually living it. While attending classes, completing projects, hanging out with friends and trying to maintain an active social life sometimes 'Health' one of the most important aspects of one's life can take a setback. Healthy habits might not seem as a really lucrative thought at first but as the demands of college life grow it is important that the students remain in the prime of their health. College life can be very demanding from academics to extra-curricular it is important that you perform and give your very best in almost every field. But it won't be possible unless your body is ready to support you in the rigorous torture and the non-stop work that you are pushing it for. Here are some tips for college students to keep their fitness and health on track.

Eat Right

A healthy diet in college may seem quite difficult for the mess food consists mainly of bland, tasteless food and the food that satisfies the taste buds mostly falls under the fast-food category. But nothing is impossible for if you are determined to achieve something you'll always find a way to see it through. To maintain healthy eating habits in college start from where you can, like for the starters never miss out on your breakfast. Even if you are running late for class, make sure to grab a banana or apple on your way out. You could also have sprouts, milk, egg and other such healthier options if you have time to spare. Carry some fruits or other healthy snack options to munch on during those between-meal hunger pangs. Try to skip on packaged juices and other sugary drinks.

Exercise Regularly

It is important to keep your body active and in shape. One of the best ways to do so is to exercise. Now, don't mistake it as an excuse to hit the gym for bodybuilding. We are talking simply about keeping your body muscles active. You could start off with simple things like walking instead of taking cabs to nearby places. Unless you are on a sports team on campus it is important to have your body indulge in some kind of physical activity. You could take on aerobics class, Zumba or even a simple dance class. A lot of these facilities will be available right on your campus for a minimal membership fee. You could also join intramural sports team if you are interested in any kind of outdoor sport.

Get Enough Sleep

In college, the real day for most students begins at night. Whether it be pulling an all-nighter to study for upcoming exams or be it for celebrating your best friend's birthday at midnight or just to have an uninterrupted conversation with your boyfriend/girlfriend, night is the safe haven for most college students. To them sleep seems to be the easiest of sacrifices that can be made without having to worry about any serious after -effects. But, that is where they are most wrong. It may not seem to have any immediate effect but it sure does in the long run. Sleep deprivation can reduce the capacity of your body to function effectively by a great measure. Experts also have said that lack of proper sleep can lead to frequent headaches, weight loss or even reduced brain function. Take proper 6-7 hours of sleep to ensure a healthy state of mind and body. 

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Steer clear of smoking and drinking

Sure the college life comes with a lot of freedom. But students should be careful in exercising that right of freedom. You should steer clear of things that could destroy your life. All the educational institutions across the country have banned smoking and drinking on campus. The reason for it is very clear, most college students are living away from home. In such a scenario, they don't have an adult to keep a constant eye on their behavior or to warn them of indulging in the wrong habits. Smoking and drinking are addictive habits and once started are very hard to give up. Not to mention the ill effects that they have on your health. These habits can prove to be life-threatening and also end up destroying a bright future that you could have built for yourself. Best to stay clear of them no matter how much peer pressure you face.

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Drink enough water

Given the busy schedule that students have in college, it is quite possible to forget to drink enough water. But staying hydrated is very important. It not only helps with your concentration and preventing fatigue, it also keeps you refreshed and active throughout the day. However, by water we do not mean the sugary, carbonated soft drinks or packaged juices. Carry a water bottle with you and fill it from water filters installed on your college campuses. If you are on the go and do not trust public water sources you could also buy packaged water bottles but never reduce the intake of water in your body.

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