MBA Placements: Highest Paying MBA Jobs in India

Completed your MBA degree? Find out the highest paying MBA jobs in India that can fetch you a dream salary and designation. Read on to find out the popular MBA profiles that are in high demand by the MBA recruiters in the Industry.

MBA Jobs in India
MBA Jobs in India

MBA has often been termed as the shortcut to success that offers high paying and lucrative career options. However, despite its image as a safer career option, many MBA students in the final year start wondering what could be the right career choice for them.

Considering the large financial investment that one does in order to acquire an MBA degree, it is quite natural for final year MBA students to worry about the job prospects available to them. Despite the hype around MBA degrees, little information or data can be found on highest paying MBA jobs in India.

Even the placement data provided by top B-schools only provides the averages, which present the partial picture and create more questions than it answers.

To get some clarity on the topic, we have listed the highest paying MBA jobs in India below, along with the core skill-set required and average remuneration one can expect for that role.

Job Profile: After the completion of their management studies, the majority of MBA graduates are hired by corporate entities at Project Manager Profiles. As a project manager, the candidate will be put in charge of any one / specific project and will have to handle all the aspects related to it. These may include planning, strategy, growth forecasts, team building, and execution as well as achieve the proposed targets. The role of project manager is very popular among the new-age firms, especially IT-firms which are involved in multiple projects at the same time.

Skills Required: Project Manager is termed as a generalist position and therefore requires a vast skill set including but not limited to the following:

  • Team management and building
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Basic financial understanding
  • Zest to achieve proposed targets

Remuneration / Salary: A fresh MBA graduate should expect to draw anywhere around 4 to 5 Lacs per annum. Like all other roles, there is excellent scope for promotion and pay hike as a project manager. Experienced and skilled project managers can draw anywhere between 19 to 20 Lacs per annum.

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Job Profile: Business Development Manager is popularly known as BD Manager in common parlance. This is another lucrative job profile that has helped MBA graduates secure hefty pay packages both as freshers and as experienced personnel. The work profile for a BD manager would include devising strategies and proposing practical and executable plans for expansion of the business. Along with this, BD manager would also have to look at the execution of the plan with the help of their team to achieve the end target.

Skills Required: Business Development Manager is again a generalist profile; however, it does centre on planning and analysis of current business model in order to suggest improvements or plan a new strategy. The following skills would come in really handy for MBA graduates planning to make a career in Business Development:

  • Analytical ability
  • Communication skills
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Networking skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Out-of-the-box / innovative thinking

Remuneration / Salary: In terms of remuneration, freshers picking Business Development as their core work area should draw around 5 to 5.5 Lacs PA; experienced BD managers with the right skill-set are offered around 15 to 16 Lac package.

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Job Profile: Marketing is surely one of the most happening fields right and therefore an ideal ground for MBA graduates to groom their career in it. MBA graduates with marketing specializations are generally offered the position of marketing manager with different firms. As the name and field clearly suggest, as a marketing manager, the person hired would be looking after all the marketing efforts for a particular product or for the entire company. These may include designing, planning and execution of an effective marketing strategy aimed at meeting the end goals of the organization.

Skills Required: As far as skills are concerned a good marketing manager should possess the following ones:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Skills to manager a vast network of marketing professionals
  • Logical thinking
  • Analytical ability
  • Ability to plan, design and execute strategies
  • An eye for details

Remuneration / Salary: Currently, marketing managers are in great demand as far as the corporate sphere is concerned. Considering the high demand they also command a respectable salary, as even fresh MBA graduates from elite B-schools can draw around 6 Lacs PA. For the experienced ones, the salary can go up to 18 to 19 Lacs PA.

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Job Profile: MBA consultants are the latest rage as far as the job market is concerned and among them, SAP consultants have been ruling the game for quite some time. SAP stands for ‘Systems, Applications and Products’ in data processing industry – which is a booming sector currently. As far as SAP consultants are concerned, they are mainly put in charge of designing products and solutions that cater to specific needs of the clients.

Skills Required: All MBA graduates that are planning to join the corporate world as SAP consultants would need to have:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Respectable communication skills
  • Clarity of thought
  • Analytical mind
  • Technical understanding
  • Negotiation skills

Salary / Remuneration: SAP Consultants is a new and upcoming field that is yet in its nascent phase. Therefore, the salary requirements for this profile are yet going to through some market corrections and range anywhere between Rs 2.93 Lacs and Rs 12.37 Lacs per annum.

Job Profile: The job profile of a business analyst has traditionally been a bastion of MBA graduates. It involves evaluating the current business strategies of an organization, identifying loopholes and problems existing in them and suggesting executable solutions to solve them with minimum losses. Although it does look like an advisory role, many analysts also have to oversee the execution of the plans and strategies suggested by them. Over the year, separate specializations have also emerged under this profile such as financial analysts and PR analysts and others.

Skills Required: As far as skills are concerned, the entire MBA programme is designed to prepare graduates to take up responsibilities of this profile. However, if we talk about specifics, the following would surely be termed as an advantage:

  • Keen eye for detail
  • Problem solving approach
  • Analytical and logical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills

Remuneration / Salary: This is a generalist position and is often one of the most commonly available profile in the majority of the business organization. Under the current job market, business analysts can draw anywhere between Rs 5 Lacs and Rs 11.32 Lacs per annum.

Job Profile: Human Resource has again been a field that has attracted MBA graduates from top B-schools. As an HR manager, the personal hired would have to look after the staffing requirement of the organization and also look after the well being of the current staff. In addition to this, HR managers also have to develop the work-culture and friendly work environment for the employees at the office.

Skills Required: Being a generalist position, HR managers do not require any specific skills to crack this position. However, in general being a people person and having a tight grasp on management skills does help.

Remuneration / Salary: HR Manger is a generalist position and therefore attracts an average remuneration of anywhere between Rs 3 to 5 Lacs per annum.

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Snapshot of the Highest Paid Jobs and their Salaries

Job Profile

Salary Offered (Fresher)

Salary Offered (Experienced)

Project Manager

Rs 4 to 5 Lacs per annum

Rs 19 to 20 Lacs per annum

Business Development Manager

Rs 5 to 5.5 Lacs per annum

Rs 15 to 16 Lacs per annum

Marketing Manager

Rs 6 Lacs per annum

Rs 18 to 19 Lacs per annum

SAP Consultant / Manager

Rs 2.93 Lacs per annum

Rs 12.37 Lacs per annum

Business Analysts

Rs 5 Lacs per annum

Rs 11.32 Lacs per annum

Human Resource Manager

Rs 3 to 5 Lacs per annum

Rs 15 to 16 Lacs per annum


These are just a few of the top paying MBA jobs in India. But being one of the most happening academic and professional fields new job profiles and innovative positions are always opening for MBA graduates in the current job market.

Some other off-beat interesting options available to MBA graduates would include investment bankers, Accountants, Credit Analysts, PR Specialists, and others. In case, you exhibit entrepreneurial skills, you can also start-up on your own and grab the position of founder and CEO of a booming organization.

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