MBA Placements: 5 habits that might cost you a job with six figure salary

Want an MBA placement with a six figure salary? Shun these 5 negative habits that might cost you a good job in this MBA Placements season this year to get placed with the top companies that hire MBA professionals.

MBA Placement tips for young management professionals
MBA Placement tips for young management professionals

Now-a-days, recruiters are not only known to focus upon the managerial skills and talent but they also assess the bad habits and characteristics while screening MBA aspirants. Therefore, in addition to building up your professional portfolio, you also need to ensure that you are free from those habits that might cost you your dream job with a six figure salary.

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Now that you are aware of the fact that bad habits might cost you dearly in terms of MBA placements, take a look at few of these habits that recruiters don’t look upon kindly.

In this article, we bring for you a list of 5 bad habits that you must let go immediately to paint the picture of a perfect prospective employee before recruiters this MBA Placement season.

1. Leave tomorrow(s): Do not ‘Procrastinate’

Someone has rightly put it “Procrastination is Opportunity’s Assassin”. As a future Manager, you must embrace the challenges that are coming your way. Instead of running away from the demanding tasks, you should make all possible attempts to take up the task and complete it within the defined deadline.


One way in which recruiters try to assess this quality in you is by looking at your academics. At your MBA institute, there will be times when you will be burdened with assignments, presentations and lot many tasks in one go from various subject teachers. At that time, do not practise the art of Procrastination and put the work on tomorrow. Rather, go an extra mile and finish the task within the defined deadline. On time completion remarks from your professors will help you impress recruiters during the MBA placements season.

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2. Social Media: Use it constructively not confusingly

Social Media is a very powerful tool of 21st century that helps people, marketers and brands to connect, market and promote themselves on a global front without physical limitations. But on the flip side of it, social media is also termed as a ‘modern societal disease’, a parasite that feeds on your precious time thereby not allowing you to focus upon important tasks at hand. While it is great to use LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with others from your industry, spending too much time on social media while ignoring other responsibilities is not right. If this habit is not broken in time, you might just end up like the person in this comic.

As a future Manager, you must let go of off this habit or else you will definitely eat into your professional time. Keeping this new trend in mind, recruiters have found different ways of identifying how you use social media and if you are a social media addict, it might reflect poorly on your chances of getting a job.

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3. Poor E-mail breeds Poor Personality

By now, you must have realized that corporate world works entirely on Email communication. It is the most convenient and authentic formal mode of communication. The art of maintaining proper communication through E-mails is very important for a future manager and recruiters do realize this. So as an MBA aspirant, do not consider ‘Business Communication’ as a trivial subject. E-mail communication can help you reach heights and can act as a catalyst to climb career ladder of success easily.


4. ‘Yes Man’ is not always a ‘Good Man’

The title of this point is pretty self-explanatory. Just because you want to get hired doesn’t mean you need to agree with everything that the interviewer is asking you. During an interview, it is critical to share your own individual opinions with the panel to let them know that you are not a ‘Yes Man’. At times, interviewers specifically pose questions that will compel you to express opinions that are contrary to that of the recruiters. Such questions are posed to check if you have the courage to disagree and say ‘no’ to the things that you do not feel are right. So, hone the habit of saying ‘No’ to those tasks that do not support or align with your goals.

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5. Waste not, Want not

If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur, then this tip will be a game changer for you! For an entrepreneur ‘money’ and initial capital/funding to launch a business is the key. Real wealth is built through saving and investing and never through squandering your wealth.

There is a very famous quote by Warren Buffet which goes like “Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1”. He made his first investment at the age of 11 by investing in a share stock and today he is one of the biggest corporate moguls of America. While being miser is often considered to be wrong, austerity is always welcomed by business organization. Every penny saved is a penny added to the bottom line. And if you are able to present this characteristic in a positive light before your recruiter, investor or funding agency, you are sure to win over them.

While it might be difficult for many of us to admit that we do have any of the habits mentioned above, to some degree or other, every student has them. An MBA aspirant faces the challenge of warding-off these habits every now and then but finds it difficult to overcome. But having bad habits is not a bad thing, keeping and grooming them is.

There goes a Yiddish Proverb ‘Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow’. If you feel that somewhere down the line, these habits might impact your performance in the MBA placements, please start working on them from today and soon they will be eradicated from your life.

Wishing you a happy career full of good habits!

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