How to Become SBI PO through reading Newspaper?

The candidates must make sure that they develop a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, web journals, blogs etc. to make themselves aware of the latest ongoing and events in the national and international forum.

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How to Become SBI PO through reading Newspaper
How to Become SBI PO through reading Newspaper

Bank recruitment examinations are taken in order to check the overall capability of the candidates to solve problems in limited time frame. It tests the logical reasoning capability as well as decision-making capability of the candidates in the shortest possible time. Along with these, they are tested on their knowledge of immediate surroundings means current affairs and knowledge of English language, in which they have to carry out most of the office work. Hence, the candidates need to be fully prepared in all the fronts to make sure that they qualify the written test round. Current Affairs is one such area, where the candidates are tested not only in the written test round but in the personal interview round as well.

Benefits of reading newspaper

  • Cultivate a reading habit: Cultivating a reading habit is a must for the preparation of competitive examinations including bank recruitment exams. It turns out to be very helpful while solving questions from the English Language paper. Reading comprehension and passages need good reading skills and the newspapers can provide a good platform to practice the same. The candidates need to make sure that they can derive meaning from the read materials in the newspaper and scribble them down on paper, keeping a watch on time.

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  • Gives an idea about sentence formation and structure: The rich English Language has no set frame of writing, and it can range from simplest of sentences to that of the very complex ones. The candidates, who feel they are weak in the language and are beginners to understand the language, would find reading the newspapers quite fruitful. The newspapers can present the structure of the sentences in an easier manner. It can allow candidates to practically understand the use of active/passive voice, verbs, grammar and tenses while using them in a particular sentence or forming a paragraph.
  • Accumulating national and international news: News and current affairs is an important component of the banking exams as the General Knowledge paper contains questions from the recent news of national and international importance. The candidates must sort down important news items from the newspaper daily and follow them up in the days to come. They should note the most important news events and revise them in their preparatory period.

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  • Use of current affairs in Interview round: The candidates should keep themselves abreast with the ongoing news of importance, as interview panel could test their awareness of the same in the personal interview round. The candidate could get the latest of information in a tip of their fingers through reading of newspaper on daily basis.
  • Increase in confidence: Habit of reading newspaper on daily basis provides the adequate confidence to the candidates as well. They would get information about the politics, economy and sports etc.   This would benefits candidates in case of group discussion rounds in the banking recruitment process. It makes them aware of the situation of the country and helps them analyze facts with clarity.

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 Banking exams are getting tougher every year to crack with increasing number of candidates applying for the limited number of posts. The candidates need to work so hard that they left no stone unturned and make sure that they have the adequate knowledge in near about anything related to the filed they are preparing for. Newspapers are an important source of information that also develops the habit of reading among the aspiring candidates, giving them the much-needed confidence and knowledge to crack the examination.

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