IBPS PO Exam 2017 : How to score better in English?

In case of IBPS PO examination English paper is there in both prelims and mains written examination consisting of 30 and 40 marks respectively. It can turn out to be really scoring, as the candidates need to put the right answers based on the basics of grammar and understand the sentence formation rules properly.

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IBPS PO Exam  : How to score better in English
IBPS PO Exam : How to score better in English

English language is one such paper which is often feared among the candidates who are preparing for various competitive examinations, due to the lack of proper training of the language. Most of the competitive examination in this country, whether it is for the banking sector or any other government sector, English has been made compulsory paper. Hence, it has become necessary for the candidates to have proper knowledge of the language in order to score better marks in the overall examination and increase their chances in getting selected. Like any other competitive examination, the IBPS PO examination also checks the strength of the candidates in the grammar, reading comprehension and vocabulary in the language. The questions asked are often simple in nature, but needs thorough knowledge of the language in order to succeed. The candidates not only need to secure cut off marks in total, but have to score individual paper cut off marks to get forward in the recruitment process.

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Tips to score qualifying marks in English Language:

  • Shed the fear of the language: There are many candidates who have a fear of this language because of lack of proper knowledge of the language in their basic education period in their schools. This leads to problems in further coping up with the various nuances of the subject and understand the basic grammar and forming newer sentences becomes challenging. In order to make things easier the candidates need to face the language more and try to devote more time understanding the basic elements and structure of the same. They can even attend short-term classes for gaining better knowledge of the language before the examination.
  • Regular reading from various sources: The candidates must involve into regular reading and writing habit. This practice enhances their skills to formulate new sentence formation skills and add words to their vocabulary. They should undergo regular reading of the daily newspaper, attend seminars and lectures in the language, read books, novels and magazines and undergo regular online articles to improve their language skills.
  • Begin with the reading comprehension: In the examination, it is advised to begin the paper with reading comprehension question. Though it takes quite an amount of time to read the entire passage and find answers from the same, it is good to attempt at the beginning in order to avoid rush in the end. It also provides adequate confidence among the candidates during the examination. To better your reading comprehension skills, it is advised to read and solve passages from the mock test papers regularly.
  • Practice words that you have learnt by noting them: The new words that the candidates learn during their preparation stages, must be noted down along with their meaning in a paper. This provides an opportunity to look back at the words at a regular period, so that it gets imprinted in the mind for long. Using these words while practice writing the language, cements the same into the heads of the candidates helping them in solving synonyms and antonyms questions.
  • Build your confidence: Half the game is won if the player is confident. Fearing the language wouldn’t let you go anywhere near to success. Hence, the candidates need to have self-belief and show confidence while approaching for the examination. They should keep faith in their preparation and knowledge of the language that they have acquired and put it on test while undergoing the examination.

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Thousands of candidates who hail from smaller cities and have undergone their studies in state run schools feel the heat of the English language and fail to score the regulatory cut off marks in the banking sector entrance examinations. The fear of the language and lack of proper training, sidelines many deserving candidates from passing the examination and get a good job. Hence, they should try basic preparation tips to improve their knowledge of the language and score well in the IBPS PO examination.

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