IAS Prelims 2014: How to Prepare Indian Economy

24 August is the IAS Prelims 2014 and the right time starts now for the preparation

IAS Prelims 2014 is Scheduled to be conducted on 24 August . Indian Economy is the mundane part of the IAS Prelims Syllabus and it has to be prepared whether it is mentioned in the Syllabus or not. The Syllabus mentions Economic and Social Development. This is so because the Economic and Social Development are intertwined and both takes place hand in hand. The IAS General Studies Paper I consist of good number of Economy questions as well as it has interrelated concepts which cast shadow on the other issues.

This all makes the preparation of Economy indispensible for the success in the Exam. Moreover the good understanding of Indian Economy is also very helpful for the IAS Main Examination.

How to Start
 To start the preparation one should start with the basics and go towards the current happenings and their implications.

•    The candidates should start with the Basic Economics Books such as the NCERT Books of class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII. This will be very helpful to them for each stage of examination.

•    The next step is to know about the various Institutions and their coordinated working because it is imperative to know the working areas and the scope of the jurisdictions of various institutions. This will help them in understanding the current happenings.

•    The Candidates, after getting the grip on the institutions, should study and analyse the working of the institutions so that they can understand their relevance in the present context.

•    After doing the aforementioned cases the candidates should start studying the Government Decisions related to the Macro Economic Policies of our Country. The Macro Economic policies are those policies which affect the whole country as a whole.

•    The Newspaper gave the constant update on all the sectors of Economy. The Editorials and the Opinions related to the Economic Policies guides the candidates in making up their world view.

•    The Budget and the Economic Survey and the India Year Book helps the candidates to develop the real insight of the working of the Indian Economy.
•    The real working of the economy has increased many folds and the globalisation had made a global network of working economies. The network of Economies around the world has implications on one another which makes.

•    The Institutions around the world such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation and the regional Economic Institutions such as SAARC Bank, Asian Development Banks and the likes are also influencing the Economic Interaction of India with the World.

For more information and the detail analysis of subject read IAS Prelims 2014:A Complete Guide


The Candidates can discuss their Preparation related issues on of Myjosh.

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