IBPS Specialist Officers Exam 2015: Tips and Strategy- 10 Important Tips for Bank Interview

The common interviews for specialist officer’s recruitment are all set to be conducted in months of March and April 2016. The aspiring candidates who have successfully gone through their written examinations are waiting for the next round of selections.

Created On: Mar 2, 2016 12:14 IST
Modified On: Mar 8, 2016 16:02 IST

The common interviews for specialist officer’s recruitment are all set to be conducted in months of March and April 2016. The aspiring candidates who have successfully gone through their written examinations are waiting for the next round of selections. The interview part of the overall selection becomes a tricky hurdle to overcome by the candidates and thus they need to be prepared to face it confidently.

It is required in the part of the candidates to be aware of the competition that they are going to face in the bank interviews as there are lakhs of students who are presently taking part in the banking examinations and are competing for a place in the banking industry.

 Hence, the candidates need to score in their interview round exceptionally to get through with the opportunity. In order to do so the candidates need to be fully prepared mentally and psychologically. The first thing that grips the candidates once they hear about interview is nervousness. It is evident in part of the first time interviewer and he/she must overcome it to deliver his/her best in the interview.

There is a list of tips that could help candidates prepare themselves well before the bank interviews. Following these could help them calm their senses and deliver their best.

  • Sink in the feeling

After the gruesome round of clearing the written examination, it is news of joy for any of the candidates to get selected among the candidates to be interviewed. The feeling of getting selected for an interview is itself an exciting event altogether. The candidates need to sink in the feeling well and calm their nerves for the greater battle that awaits them in form of the interview. Calming of nerves would give adequate confidence to the candidates to get prepared for the interview and that too with full throttle.

  • Get your basics right

The interviews are all about spontaneity and thus the interviewee needs to be rampant about the questions asked to them. You might feel it necessary to undergo last moment preparations, but the thing that matters during an interview is your instinct and spontaneous reaction to a question thrown at you.

  • Be prepared by focusing on the recent ongoings

Interview questions are often asked on the latest ongoings and are related to events that have happened in the recent past. The candidates are tested on their skills of current affair awareness during the interview as well as their cunning answers regarding a burning issue. The answers should be crisp, sharp and intellectually motivated.

  • Don’t get stressed or panicked

During the interview your skills to handle pressure gets tested and thus the interviewer might ask you tricky questions. The trick to success is not to get tricked and answer with full confidence instead of getting stressed or panicked. The best way to skip a question is to confess saying the truth about it. Once you try to get into an unknown territory you might get into further trouble, lowering your chances of getting selected.

  • Keep your Etiquettes right

Interviews are not only about checking the mental and psychological awareness of the candidate but are the measure of etiquettes in the candidates as well. One needs to be in the proper attire while going for an interview. This boosts up the confidence as well as helps the interviewee belief in them while they enter the interview room. The mannerisms (sitting, talking, and nodding) during the interview does matter when it comes to banking interviews, as you would face customers of the banks in future and you need to be decent regarding the same.

  • Patience is the key

You need to be extremely patient while you are in the queue for the interview. Many candidates break down in pressure while they wait in the queue and lose their mantle. It is thus necessary to keep hold of their nerves till the time passes and you need to look fully confident while you get into the interview room.

  • Greet the panel with smile

Your mannerisms during the interview matters the most. You neither should be meek passive listener nor should you be over animated active speaker while you answer. You need to have a balance while your interview is in process. The best way to begin interaction with your interviewers is to greet them with smile. This instills confidence in the candidate as well.

  • Do not over estimate your prospect

There are thousands of candidates who would get selected for the interview round and there must be something in every individual that made them able to be there in the list of candidates to go through the interview. Hence, you should never over-estimate yourself as the best candidate in front of the panel and make fool yourself. The best way to describe your self is to speak with balance and define your qualities in humble manner.

  • Keep your documents ready

You need to keep your documents properly in place while you go for the interview. It is best to carry a folder where you could keep all the necessary documents in place and in a proper manner, so that you could take out the required one without any hassle while the interview is on. This impresses the panelists and helps you score better from the others.

  • Believe in yourself

You have possibly done everything that you could have, from the time of preparing for the written examinations to that of giving the interviews. It is the time you need to have faith in yourself and the amount of hard work that you have put in to travel this far. Whatever the results might be, you must not lose hope and keep trying for the better in your life.