IIMs Blunder on CAT 2012-13 Scores

In a shocking revelation, IIMs have disclosed that a number of CAT scorecards available officially for non-IIMs admission for academic year 2012-13 have been altered resulting in inflated scores of some candidates.

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In a shocking revelation, IIMs disclosed that a number of CAT scorecards (80) available officially for non-IIMs admission for academic year 2012-13 have been altered, resukting in inflated scores of some candidates. This academic goof-up will expectedly affect all the MBA admissions based on CAT 2012 scores while shaking up the credibility of CAT exam for sure.
As revealed by IIMs, scorecards of as many as 80 testing IDs available on official CAT website have been found puffed up when compared to the original scores retained with IIMs in the master datasheet of CAT 2012 scorecards. However, the registration IDs in controversy indicates that the goof-up is not due to any technical hitch as the IDs are not in a series.
A comparison of CAT 2012 scores available on the website www.catiim.in (hosted and managed by M/s Web Weavers) with master database of the scores (those received from Prometric) proves that the scores of eighty candidates of CAT 2012 have been altered with high inflation of scores.  A copy of the IIM notification regarding this error can be found on MBAUniverse.com.
However, the rest of the scorecards on the website www.catiim.in were found intact with scores matching with what available on the master database retreived from Prometric.
While this blunder come up as an alert as well as has brought a major predicament for top non-IIM B-schools that offered admissions on the base of CAT 2012 scores, it may also uproot a new controversy on the MBA admission procedure based on CAT 2012 scores for academic year 2013-15. Nevertheless, the IIMs claim that their own admissions are unaffected as they have used the master datasheet of scorecards received directly from Prometric.
IIMs have now informed and alerted non-IIMs B-schools about this scorecard mess-up and also offered Master data sheet to them to cross-check their records of admission for the contemporary session.
The Common Admission Test (CAT) is an entrance test conducted every year candidates who seek admissions to Indian Institutes of Management, the top class B-schools across the country located at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore, Kashipur, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Shillong, Tiruchirappalli and Udaipur. Besides, the CAT scores are also used by many PGDM institutes and other non-IIM institutes for short-listing candidates seeking admission to them.
The CAT 2012 exams were held between 11 October 2012 and 6 November 2012, which was a computer based tests. The IIMs entrusted M/s. Prometric for the execution and evaluation of CAT 2012. As per the previous years’ record, the test results were published on the web site www.catiim.in which is managed and hosted by M/s. Web Weavers.
On behalf of IIMs, CAT 2012 Convenor published the list of testing IDS of the candidate involved in the blunder. You can check that on the below mentioned link:

Click here to see the Testing IDs of Candidates with Inflated scores in CAT 2012

Click here to see CAT 2013 Notification

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