IIMs encouraging gender diversity by enrolling more female candidates

Top three IIMs have posted highest share of female candidates in the two-year full time PGP Programme in the batch 2017-19. Find out the changes in the admission policy of the IIMs.

IIMs encouraging gender diversity by enrolling more female candidates
IIMs encouraging gender diversity by enrolling more female candidates

It has been said that “You educate a women, you educate a whole generation”. And what better than women filling space in the field of management to manage the corporate world.

Women have often proved their mettle by securing a valuable position in efficiently managing the chores of home where they act as finance managers (managing monthly funds to run expenses of home and even saving for the rainy day), marketing managers (dealing with the vegetable vendor to mom-and-pop shops and shopping for white goods as well) and even as personnel managers (resolving the issues between family members and acting as a peace-maker) for their family.

However, this year even the top IIMs have reported a positive upsurge in the parentage of women candidates filling the seats for the two-year full time Post-Graduate programme.

India’s premiers MBA Institutes are witnessing an upsurge in the percentage of female candidates seeking admission the management institutes. In the current batch of Post-graduate programme for the year 2017-19, all the top 3 IIMs i.e. IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore and IIM-Calcutta have confirmed more female students being enrolled in the programme.


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Fact File of Gender Diversity in IIMs

  1. IIM Ahmedabad mentioned that in the 2017-19 batch 28 per cent of the PGP batch of 395 people comprises of female candidates, up from 21 per cent in the earlier one. The FABM one has seen a jump from 46 per cent earlier to 50 per cent of the batch size of 46.
  2. Even IIM-Bangalore saw a rise in its female students ratio to 28 per cent in 2016-18 batch, maintained it this year as well for its 405 strong 2017-19 batch
  3. For IIM-Calcutta, the news did not differ. The premier MBA Institute has also reported a significant increase in the female candidates enrolling for the PGP. The batch size for the year 2017-19 has recorded in increase of 31.5 per cent as against 16.5 per cent in 2016-18.

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Women on the Rise: Faculty Opinion

Women do hold a strategic place in the upliftment of the society and fulfilling this role via enrolling in the management courses is a great step to revolutionise the way we work at present. IIMs have also played a major role in helping women pursue management education. In this regard, key people from the top 3 IIMs said:

"Our objective is to have more diversity in classroom in any form. We, hence, made minor modification in our policy for the pre-interview phase of shortlisting candidates as well as the merit list prepared on the basis of the interview," said Preetam Basu, chairperson admissions at IIM Calcutta.

"In our discussion-based learning environment, diversity in student backgrounds and experiences helps enrich the learning process, by bringing different perspectives to the class. We are pleased with the increasing percentage of women students in our entering class. This has been achieved without giving extra credits or holding specific quotas on account of gender," IIM-A director Ashish Nanda said.

"Our admissions policy is to invite for interviews candidates from different academic disciplines, subject to their clearing certain CAT (entrance exam) cut-offs. This approach increases the discipline diversity of our incoming class. This is part of a conscious effort to improve the in-class learning experience of students, who we believe would benefit from being in class with people from diverse backgrounds," said Apratim Guha, chairperson, admissions.

Summing Up

The IIMs mentioned that they have brought changes in their admission policy to boost gender diversity and special care has been taken to give chance to female candidates in this regard. IIM-Calcutta mentioned that the institute has always supported the idea of constituting a diverse classroom to give fair representation to both the gender. 

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